Pikachu PJs

I was always too scared to use Aliexpress until recently. I couldn’t resist these adorable Pikachu pajamas. The only downside is things usually take over a month to get to me, but the prices are so low!

What are your fab online finds?


Gudetama Shower Cap

I grabbed this adorable Gudetama shower cap on eBay for a few dollars. I love buying adorable options for everyday house hold items online.

What are some of your adorable finds?


I got this adorable Mimikyu stuffed animal on Aliexpress for $6! It turned out to be decent quality and looks just exactly like a Mimikyu.

Sailor Moon Socks

Sailor Moon + crew protecting my feet 🌙

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This is my favourite new Amazon find: Sailor Moon socks! I was super lazy to do laundry this week so I looked into ordering socks and ended up with these cool ones.

I Like Samples

If you read this blog, you’ll notice that I’m always on the hunt for free offers, especially beauty ones.

I love trying new products and Sample Source is an excellent way to do that. The last round had a lot of yummy goodies for myself and Teddy!


Casper Pillow

I was super excited to be a recipient of a free pillow at the JUNO Awards. It was delivered one day after in a star filled box.

I’ve already slept a few days with it and I love it. I’ve actually never had a fluffy pillow my entire life. Growing up all our pillows were flat and firm, so I got used to that.

The Casper has an inner and outer pillow. One firm and the other soft respectively. The cover always keeps you cool, so every side is the cool side of the pillow. It retains it’s shape and doesn’t seem to flatten that easily.

I’m enjoying it so far and can’t wait for every sleep.

Here’s a photo of me in the box:

Dollar Shave Club

I’m now a member of Dollar Shave Club because I was just too lazy to go buy razors and I ran out. It’s super affordable too. The prices start from $3.50/month to $9.50/month depending on the type of razors you choose. If you’re not so hairy you can sign up to receive packages every two months.

Every month you conveniently get 4 replacement blades in the mail. The first month comes with a free handle. I chose the middle razor package which was $6.50 a month since it had more blades for a close shave than the cheaper one, which had two.

I loved it. It felt just like any other $14 razor. I’m never paying the premium price for pink razors again.

If you’re interested use my referral link code below!



Kira Kira Crate- February 2017

Last month, I was sent a free Kira Kira crate for review. It arrived at the end of the month.  They asked me in January, but I didn’t get anything for a while so I assumed they just forgot to send me one!

The theme of February was Chocolate Strawberry for Valentine’s Day, so there were many items within that theme.

This bright pink liquid eyeliner from BWPRM was super vivid. I have been obsessed with bright eyeliners, so this is one to add to my collection.

This 5LANC bottled face serum comes in a generous amount. It’s like a luxurious drink for your face, keeping it moisturized without feeling greasy. I tried to Google where I could possibly buy this when it runs out but it is difficult for someone who doesn’t know Japanese!

I loved this YAKUYOUBURO: Fatigue citrus ginger bath soak. It was so relaxing and felt good on my muscles.

A PGT 4 Color Nuance palette provided a nice neutral look good for the office and more natural days.

I don’t really know what gold does for the skin, but this Pure Smile mask gave me a nice dewy look for days.

This chocolate strawberry lip balm was as delicious as the name suggests.

Last but not least was this delicious Banana Chocolate lip mask, which I’m saving for super chapped times.

I loved all my Kira Kira Crate products. I’m waiting for my makeup pile to dwindle down a bit, but I will totally be a future subscriber!

Dollarama Review: Hot Designs Nail Polish

dscf0286 I thought it was a steal to find these for $3 at Dollarama. I usually see them at the Walmart compulsive buy aisle for like $9.

They are like nail polish markers. Each was two sided.


It also came with cleaning pins that look like they could double as the thing that helps remove a sim card from your iPhone.


The sad part is when I opened it, a lot of the pen end was jabbed inside, rendering it semi useless. It’s supposed to be like a fine point pen sized thing, but since it got sucked inwards it can no longer handle details like it’s supposed to.

Boo, what a dud. I’m glad I didn’t pay $9 for this and could potentially still use it as regular polish.

Amazon Art Supplies


I picked up new drawing pencils so that I could draw something to colour with my new pencil crayons. This set of 18 sketch pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 3 paper erasable pens, 1 pencil extender, 1 craft knife, 1 eraser, and 1 plastic rubber cost only $18. It’s a steal compared to what you’d find at a store.


I also bought some colourless blenders that make pencil crayons look super smooth. I also got a sketchbook that I didn’t realize was teeny tiny! Oops, I guess that’s the downside of shopping online is that I have to closely read all the specs before buying.