SNES Classic Mini

I loved the original Super Nintendo, so I was super excited about the SNES Classic mini. I was lucky enough to get in on a Best Buy pre-order, so I didn’t have to line-up on release date.

It comes pre-loaded with 21 games including the never-before released game Starfox 2.

It’s so small and cute. I placed it beside my Mimikyu and Sailormoon plushies for size comparison.

It fits right into the palm of my hand.

It took me a second to find where to plug controllers. A flap at the front opens up to reveal the slots. 

You can easily toggle between the 21 games and any save states. Let’s be real, to play like the old days, there will be no save stating!

I already unlocked Starfox 2 by beating the first level of Starfox (it’s harder than I remember). Now to continue reliving the past and playing through all 21 games!


New Pokémon iPhone Case

I tore my previous iPhone 7 Plus Gameboy Case. I took the opportunity to buy a new one on eBay. I always loved the Pokémon Gameboy Colour from the 90s and I thought that would be the perfect look.

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Got a new phone case ~ 😺#pikachu

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New Pokemon Gym Update

I love the new Pokemon gym update. They now function as Pokéstops, have a new battle and reward system. In addition, this new thing called “raids” happen at them occasionally.

I’m more motivated to play the game actively again and to go on more walks. Time to go catch ’em all.

Living in A Dream

I downloaded this photo app called Beauty Plus and I can’t stop playing with it. It’s from the makers of Meitu, with a slightly better interface.

I was playing around with it today and look how dreamy it made us look:

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Good day for ice cream ~

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Dreamy brunch date 😍

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Time to make my life look like a dream.

Going Wireless With Airpods

I love the idea of being less wired, so I couldn’t resist trying the Airpods. At home, I use the Harmon Kardon Aura as my computer speakers, but on the go, it’s nice to have something compact.

Look how small the case is compared to the box! The case doubles as a charger for the earphones. I’ve had them for a week and haven’t charged it yet.

Like most mobile Apple devices, it uses the lightning cable. Now my entire house is just lightning cables and USB-Cs.

Anyways, I find the quality of these decent. I do have B&O H2’s for when I want something better, but it’s not practical always be carrying real headphones. Airpods can fit in my purse or pocket and connect to both my iPhone and Macbook in seconds! On a phone, it’s just a matter of opening the case. They also pause the music when they are removed and can activate Siri. I’m still learning all the tricks but I’ve been listening to so much more music now that it’s so easy to pull these babies out.

Collecting Planets and Walking with Walkr

I love games that interact with my Step Count and I almost collected everything in Wokamon. I did a quick search for pedometer games and while there were many, Walkr looked the cutest.

The game uses your steps as energy to explore space and collect fun planets.

It looks like there are a million things to explore and upgrade so this will get me walking for a while!

Magikarp Jump

I just downloaded the goofiest game on my phone called Magikarp Jump! As a Pokémon lover, I couldn’t resist something themed around the most useless Pokémon of all!

The game is pretty strange, the premise is to train Magikarps to jump higher and higher. It’s almost like a more adorable version of those fish collecting games, except really you are just collecting Magikarps.

Take My Stuff on Bunz!

I’m doing some spring cleaning so I put a bunch of stuff for trade on the Bunz app! If you’re in Toronto add me @tianafeng!

Puyo Puyo Tetris

I’m addicted to Puyo Puyo Tetris lately! It’s a mix of both games and new modes. It’s crazy how fun both classic games still are like a million years later.

I like the online competitive mode but whenever I get paired up with someone from Japan the match is rather frightening! There are some games where I can survive a long time and win, others that I’ll lose in less than 30 seconds. I guess I have to sharpen my skills more.

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Let's be switch friends ~ #nintendoswitch

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Add me on your Switch and maybe we can play sometime!

I Bought Mario Kart!

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Let's race 🏁🎮🚗

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I’m excited to delve into Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch! I bought a pro-controller and the steering wheel thing for the Joy-Cons. They even threw in a pair of Mario socks for free.

Now to sharpen my skills before racing people.