New Pokémon iPhone Case

I tore my previous iPhone 7 Plus Gameboy Case. I took the opportunity to buy a new one on eBay. I always loved the Pokémon Gameboy Colour from the 90s and I thought that would be the perfect look.

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Got a new phone case ~ 😺#pikachu

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New Pokemon Gym Update

I love the new Pokemon gym update. They now function as Pokéstops, have a new battle and reward system. In addition, this new thing called “raids” happen at them occasionally.

I’m more motivated to play the game actively again and to go on more walks. Time to go catch ’em all.

Living in A Dream

I downloaded this photo app called Beauty Plus and I can’t stop playing with it. It’s from the makers of Meitu, with a slightly better interface.

I was playing around with it today and look how dreamy it made us look:

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Good day for ice cream ~

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Dreamy brunch date 😍

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Time to make my life look like a dream.

Going Wireless With Airpods

I love the idea of being less wired, so I couldn’t resist trying the Airpods. At home, I use the Harmon Kardon Aura as my computer speakers, but on the go, it’s nice to have something compact.

Look how small the case is compared to the box! The case doubles as a charger for the earphones. I’ve had them for a week and haven’t charged it yet.

Like most mobile Apple devices, it uses the lightning cable. Now my entire house is just lightning cables and USB-Cs.

Anyways, I find the quality of these decent. I do have B&O H2’s for when I want something better, but it’s not practical always be carrying real headphones. Airpods can fit in my purse or pocket and connect to both my iPhone and Macbook in seconds! On a phone, it’s just a matter of opening the case. They also pause the music when they are removed and can activate Siri. I’m still learning all the tricks but I’ve been listening to so much more music now that it’s so easy to pull these babies out.

Collecting Planets and Walking with Walkr

I love games that interact with my Step Count and I almost collected everything in Wokamon. I did a quick search for pedometer games and while there were many, Walkr looked the cutest.

The game uses your steps as energy to explore space and collect fun planets.

It looks like there are a million things to explore and upgrade so this will get me walking for a while!

Take My Stuff on Bunz!

I’m doing some spring cleaning so I put a bunch of stuff for trade on the Bunz app! If you’re in Toronto add me @tianafeng!

Walk Your Way to Free Movies

Carrot Rewards launched in Ontario a month ago. It’s like a step counter that rewards you! So far, you can sign-up to either receive points from Aeroplan, Scene, Petro-Points and More Rewards. I chose Scene Card so I can walk my way to free movies.

For the first two weeks, the app tracks your own activity and creates personal goals. After that, there are daily goals and challenges where you can earn bonus points. There are also frequent surveys and quizzes to teach the user to live a healthier life style. After all, this is sponsored by Health Canada among other organizations.

It exists on both Android and iPhone and can use FitBit, Apple Watch or the built in step counter on your phone.

If you sign-up use my referral code tianaf2527 for extra points!



I’ve been feeling exhausted lately so I decided to start tracking my sleep again. I used to use Sleep ++, but it required manually starting and stopping your sleep sessions. I’d often forget to turn it off in the morning and it would drain my battery.

AutoSleep is different. It tracks your sleep automatically by detecting when you’re heart rate is lower and there is hardly movement while wearing the watch. It also knows when you are charging your watch so it’ll use the time between phone glances as your sleep time. That way it tracks every day automatically, whether I remember the app or not!


Meitu Photo App

I am not sure why but I saw all these hilariously filtered photos all over social media made with the app Meitu. I couldn’t resist trying it myself!

My favourite were the filters that looked like drawings.

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Lmao this app is killing me #meitu

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I think I could totally rock this look in real life:



Belkin Apple Watch and Phone Dock


My life is full of charging cables for all sorts of devices: my e-reader, my laptop, my phone, my watch. In my bachelor apartment, it is really hard to walk anywhere without tripping over some kind of chord.

So it was perfect that my dad got me a Belkin charging dock that can do both my Apple Watch and iPhone and have one less cable on the ground!