I Cut All The Ropes

I spent a lot of time commuting lately and short-level games have been great for the ride. I finally I beat Chillingo’s Cut the Rope. I’ve had the game on my iPad for quite some time but I recently restarted it on my iPhone and within a month of commuting finally finished the game.

If you live in a box, Cut the Rope is a cute little physics game where you literally cut rope, avoid traps or use things to your advantage in order to get the candy to the cute little dinosaur. The game is only 99 cents in the iTunes app store and has over 300 levels.

Levels are arranged in “boxes” and each box has a certain type of theme that determines the types of traps in the level. Like angry birds you can gain up to 3 stars per level. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t get 3 stars for all the levels (and I think if I did that for every game it would take forever).

It’s definitely worth the money with the amount of levels and the promise of more to come.

I’m A Fruit Ninja Black Belt

When Fruit Ninja first came out, I thought it was pretty stupid. Then I got it on my iPhone and I liked how I could play quick games when I was waiting for the train.

If you don’t know, it’s a game where you simply slice the fruit that is popping up on the screen. Arcade and classic mode has bombs that either lower your score or kill you. Zen mode you just slice to a timer. It’s pretty simple. There are also bonus fruit that can be bought that raise your score.

The game would have probably been not as interesting if it weren’t for the Dojo. It is where the “unlockables” were listed. They were mainly for aesthetic values, such as different designs of blades and backgrounds but a goal is a goal and I finally unlocked them all.

Unless you care about raising your score, the game doesn’t really have too much replay value. So off in the vault of beaten games it goes.

Angry Birds in Space is So Much Better

It’s been a while since I have beaten an iOS game. But now that I commute (A LOT), I have a few on my phone to amuse myself during down times. The majority of my iOS gaming still happens on the iPad that I don’t really carry around with me any more.

Angry Birds I’ve never actually beat yet. I think I got stuck and gave up. However, Angry Birds In Space, adds a whole new level of complexity, gravity. The whole premise is there are planets and their orbits can suck you around in a loop and you must use this to your advantage. Some of the birds are the same as in previous games, but a few have changed.

The addition of gravity gives the game a whole different feel. You’d think winning a level was a fluke before? Well, you never know where on earth the orbit will swing you sometimes. The only thing I didn’t like about this new game was that harder levels had to be purchased for another 99 cents.. so for now I am going to cross this game off as beaten!

Lessons I Have Learnt from Draw Something

Really horrible drawing I did of Elvis

If you don’t know already, Draw Something is the new mobile game sensation. It’s basically a set of Pictionary that you can play with your friends who have Apple and Android devices. I have been playing it for a couple of weeks now and through observation I have realized and learnt many things.

Celebrities are really hard to draw. I try my hardest not to use words when I am drawing clues. I think it’s cheating. However, when you get hit with a celebrity, it can become hard.

This is Drake, boyfriend didn't get it.
Name the first generic blonde person you can think of!

People draw people that look like themselves. Whenever the drawing requires the use of a person to describe something, they always seem to look like the person who drew the picture. I’m guilty of this too. My people always look like the doodles of me that I do on My Life In Drawings. Other people do this too though. My friends who have blonde hair draw blonde people. Those that have curly hair draw curly haired people. Even if it takes an extra step to do these things.

Guess the hair colour of the person that drew this.

It can be used as a genius marketing plan. Companies should insert their names into this game. Subliminal advertising after all. And hey, if your logo isn’t recognizable for anybody to want to draw it, maybe you should do something about that.

Puzzlejuice Crushed!

It has been a while since I beat an iOS game on my iPad but I started to look for short ones I could play on my iPhone when I had short periods of free time. Puzzlejuice is my most recently finished. It’s a hybrid mix of Boggle and Tetris requiring you to be constantly thinking of two things at once.

There are goals to achieve that unlock certain powerups that can be used in each game:

Space Invaders Infinity Gene Finally Blasted!

It’s been a while since I’ve beaten and posted about an iOS game. I end up getting way too excited over games and download WAY too many of them. I’m slowly getting through the ones I currently have before I get any more. One game I have finished was Space Invaders Infinity Gene which is available in the iTunes store for $4.99. It’s well worth the money as it has some amazing replay value even when it’s been beaten.

Pig Rockets For iPad Review

Here’s another review of a game I have beaten (so I can finally free up some space on my 16GB iPad). I originally downloaded this game via one of those daily “free app” apps. Currently Pig Rockets is $1.99 in the App store. It works on all iOS devices.

The game is kind of a mixture between Tetris and a Tower Defense game. The objective of the game is to use blocks (which are in the form of Tetris pieces) to prevent pigs from hitting your house/property. Whenever a pig hits a brick, it disappears and turns into bacon which you can use to save up for helpful power-ups in the store. You unlock new levels by lasting a certain amount of waves on the previous one.

DAMN YOU IPAD: Plants vs. Zombies

I have way too many games on my iPad, so many that it takes up all 16gbs. I decided to beat them all and keep record of them on this blog so I can delete them from the iPad. I will review the games I have bothered to beat or get pretty far in as they are the ones worth mentioning.

For some reason I was a latecomer to Plants vs. Zombies. The PopCap game that was originally on Steam sells for $6.99 for the iPad in the iTunes App Store or you can get the cheaper iPhone version for 2.99.