Things I Didn’t Purchase Last Month

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.55.41 PM
Last month I spent 31 days not buying anything online. In doing this, I saved a lot of money. Here is a record of some of the useless things that I would’ve purchased if it weren’t for this challenge. These are not a joke:

A hoodie built for napping

Lego Minifigures with my face on them

Dog pants

A hoodie with earbuds in it

Advanced Lunchbox

• Copious amounts of cosmetic sets

• A fancy office chair

• Compulsively bought a replacement Kindle for my broken Kobo (but thankfully I went to the Apple Store the next day and got an iPad)

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Cake Earrings

30 Day Challenge: No Online Shopping


This may be a seemingly ridiculous and easy goal but my January challenge is to not buy anything online. December was an expensive month. I did a lot of Christmas, Boxing Day shopping online. I bought things I may not have needed because the holidays gave me an excuse to be impulsive. Holidays are also when online marketing for the strangest and most unnecessary stuff is at an all-time high.

This January I will keep all my shopping offline. It will allow me to save money because it’s harder to plan time to go to a store compared to clicking on a digital shopping cart. This will also encourage me to support brick and mortar local stores, which are the future of the local economy.

Stay tuned for more 2016 planning and resolutions!

Makeup Challenge Fail

I have already stopped doing the makeup challenge and it isn’t the end of the month. I think it was really unrealistic to do it in March since it’s so busy. I don’t want something that is supposed to be fun to be a chore. I do use the eye shadows every day but it’s hard to be creative at 6am in the morning. So instead of posting a new look every day, I’ll post one once in a while that highlights some neat techniques and colours. For now, here is a random picture of my dog smiling to make things all better:


Look #3

Here is look #3 of my 30 Day Challenge.

I am not leaving the house today so I kept it simple. I used pale white eyeshadow as highlight and some simple brown eyeliner. I dyed my hair dark brown today and a dark lip really compliments it.

A Look A Day Challenge- Look #2

Here is my second look of my March challenge.

30 Day Challenge: March Edition- A Look A Day

I conquered last month’s challenge of not having a drop of coffee. Today I completely forgot that I could finally have a cup. I don’t think I plan on jumping back into habit just yet. Perhaps my mind will change next week when I have work engagements which will need me up in the morning. But anyway, it’s a new month so time for another challenge.

This is only part of it

I think it’s time for something artistic. I realized while doing my video album reviews that it’s pretty fun to play with make up. I also realized, I have way too much makeup. When I was in university I was addicted to buying set after set of eye-shadow. Often they came with blushes, lip glosses and eye liners too. I have hundreds of colours at hand so this month I decided.. I will create a different look a day.

No Coffee Challenge: Half-Way Point

Still not a coffee

February is a short month, therefore I’m already half-way through my challenge of giving up coffee for a month. I can tell you that time didn’t pass by fast at all in the beginning. The first few days were highly dreadful. I would wake up with headaches and quite nauseous. This all happened because I did not drink my usual cup of morning coffee.

I began to find ways to help my body feel awake and refreshed. Some things worked and others didn't. Here is what helped me:

Splashing Face with Cold Water
This sounds almost stupid, but the cold water on your face really does refresh and wake me up.

Walking the Dog
There’s nothing more refreshing than fresh air. Walking the dog became a good way to activate all my joints and muscles as well absorb some sunlight. Sometimes I think my mood is directly related to my weather and seeing the sun really does brighten my mood. I also love it when Teddy meets a new friend along the way!

Tea/Hot Chocolate
It’s really hard to give up caffeine entirely so for those times when I needed a bit of a jolt tea helped. I find green tea makes me sleepy though. Black tea works best. Hot chocolate with a hint of cayenne pepper and cinnamon is also a great way to spice up the morning!

15 minute naps
Sometimes you just need to nap and taking a little 15 minute power nap can be what I need. It’s a great way to rest the eyes and get them away from the a billion screens that make up my life.

I hope I can continue to ignore coffee for the month. However, I have a business meeting on Friday at a coffee shop called the Roastery. Would it be too pretentious to order a tea?

30 Day Challenge: February Edition

January’s challenge was an hour of practice every day. In an increasingly busy life, it was unrealistic and fell through at times. However, it taught me that I missed it and still loved it and that I needed to schedule a couple sessions in my future weeks. Now that it’s February, it’s time for a new challenge and I will do the impossible..
I will give up coffee.

Look I'm drinking tea

I think I’ve become too dependent on coffee in keeping me awake. Keeping away from caffeine altogether is impossible as it is in drinks as well as chocolate and deserts and hey, February has Valentine’s Day.

I have at least 2 cups each day and they are loaded with sugar. It keeps my heart constantly pumping quick and (which I don’t think is that healthy) and feeding me a ton of hyper energy. I picked the shortest month to give it up, but I hope it will lessen my need for it and lower my risk of diabetes from too much sugar. My coffees tend to be 1/3 sugar and if I’m out the most caramel filled.

I chose the shortest month to do this but guess what? It’s a leap year.. damn. As stated in earlier posts, 2012 will be a year for monthly challenges of self-improvement. Join me and challenge yourself at something!

30 Day Practise Challenge: Half-Way Point

Only half the month has passed and I have already failed. My excuse, I didn’t feel very well. Whether that is true or not I used to be able to go to class with a fever, so not practicing because of a stomach cramp seemed so trivial. There has also been days where I did in fact challenge, but they didn’t last my original guidelines of an hour. The puppy would be too distracting, my iPad ran out of battery etc.

I should have some sort of failing the challenge, but having to blog about it is punishment itself. I failed.

However, I will keep going at it. I was not neccessarily out to just do this for 30 days, but to hopefully build better lifetime habits. I don’t want to forget how to play piano. As I get older and busier, I want to know how to be able to schedule time for the keys. I’ve decided in my lifetime I’m going to learn Chopin’s entire repertoire and Bach’s WTC amongst other pieces.

This has not only been a return to a skill but a return to having an outlet to relax and speak some emotion non-verbally. Not only will this happen this month, but it will be a part of future months to come.