Mini Block Dragonite


I found this mini Dragonite at Mr Pen. I think it may be by the same makers as the mini 7-Eleven I built. It’s very similar in quality to the official nanoblock Eevee that is also in my collection.


The blocks are small and the same size as all the other micro-sets I own. There are plenty of extra pieces in case one got lost.


What I found slightly confusing with this particular set of instructions was that only the current steps blocks were coloured, so you couldn’t really compare it to the layer below. This one was a bit delicate and I broke the wing a couple of times while trying to build it.


Rawr. Look at how adorable he is when built! I was surprised the wings didn’t tip him backwards due to weight.


I guess his giant chibi head helps! I hope next time I visit the store they have Pikachu.



I Met Pompomchewy!


Yesterday, I met Toronto Instagram celeb @Pompomchewy! I totally didn’t realize his owner is one of my old roommates from university.


He’s so tiny and adorably fluffy.


And loves to wear his clothes! He jumps when you open his clothes cupboard and assists you in putting on his clothes.


Funny outtake of him yawning.

Adorable Dim Sum @ Kwan


Kwan is a beautiful modern Dim Sum and Chinese restaurant at Yonge and St. Clair. We went for the Dim Sum which consisted of traditional dishes that were often presented beautifully. They most typical items from shrimp dumplings, siu mai’s and chicken feet. I didn’t take a picture of everything because I thought it would be annoying to get the table of 10 to stop eating. Hah!

Sticky rice
Streamed dumpling with scallop, shrimp, topped with egg yolk

DSCF7681The taro pudding for example was presented as small individual little bites instead of the regular fend for yourself squares.


These deep-fried squid were presented in a bowl that you could eat. In case you were wondering, the bowl tasted like shrimp chips.


These adorable bunnies were filled with cream custard.


We also got some adorable bees with almonds.

We had a pleasant experience at Kwan and were super full and didn’t spend as much as we expected considering how well presented and smaller portion the dishes were. For those looking for a clean, yet still authentic (in terms of taste) experience, Kwan is a splendid spot. Plus you can instagram their desserts!

Kwan Dim Sum Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Favourite Playdoh Pokemon So Far

As you know, I started making Playdoh Pokemon and posting them on Tumblr as well as Instagram. Here are a few of my favourites so far!

Who’s your favourite Pokemon? I’ll add it in my list of to-dos next!

Happy 4th Birthday Teddy!


Today Teddy turns 4 years old. I can’t believe time flies by so fast. It feels like not long ago that he entered our lives and changed it in ways we could never seem possible.

Recently, we celebrated his birthday with a homemade cake! Here are some more random photos of Teddy:


New Camera Backpack!

I bought myself a new camera backpack from Johansen Camera Bags. All the bags on their website are super cute and fashionable, just what I was looking for in a camera bag.

What I love most about it is that it doesn’t scream camera bag like some of the ones you see at Henry’s or Vistek. There’s even a section for a laptop that fits my Mac Air perfectly. Now I can look good while carrying all my precious gear on location.

Prints from Origrami


As much as I love the ease of digital photography, I still love the feeling of holding a photograph so I printed some of my Instagram photos through Australian site, Origrami.


They were delivered rather quickly by mail (considering I live in Canada). The photos came in an adorable camera shaped box with a branded tag inside.


I ordered the Squareprintswhich were $22.95 AUD for 36 photos. The back of the photos had either a map (if a location was tagged) or a colourful camera logo along with your Instagram likes and comments. I really loved that idea as a backside since it provided a way to make my digital memories analog!

Mr. Tea


I added another item to my Fred and Friends family of products! Meet Mr. Tea. He is the most awesome tea infuser.


I just love his chillin’ smile.


He comes apart in two pieces and you can put tea in his pants.


As he swims in your water, it turns into tea!