Adventure Time Lego


The second that I saw this Lego Adventure Time set existed I just had to order it. At the moment it’s only available at the Lego Store.


It was brought to life by a lot of Lego Ideas votes. It’s so cool that there is a site where you can submit your own ideas and if people like them they can become real sets.


The set was separated into 3 bags with 2-3 characters in each.


They were fairly easy to build so I did the whole thing in one go.


My favourite was Ice King because I loved the details of the jewel in his crown and the snowflakes in his hands.


Lady Rainicorn was a fun build with a bendable body.


Since they aren’t mini figures they were larger than I expected, so had to make more room on the shelf! This is definitely a must-have set for a Lego & Adventure Time fan.

Adventure Time Card Wars (iOS)


I caved and purchased the Adventure Time Card Wars game for $4.95. Despite it being a paid game there are still in game purchases such as heart energy and premium games. However the quality of the content is worth the more than 99cent price tag.


It plays a bit differently than physical card version. Attacks have a spinning wheel that are a little bit up to chance and effects that increase or decrease attack and defense stack. 

There are a ton of cards in the game that can be earned in battle or discovered through treasure chests. Buying premium gems will give you rare cards, but you can get them with in game money as well so there isn’t a need to spend more than the original $4.95. 

There are hundreds of levels and also a function to battle other random people. This is my favourite iPhone card game yet. 

Adventure Time SOCKS!


I saw these Adventure Time socks at Hot Topic and I couldn’t resist getting them!


The pack came with 5 pairs with different characters: Jake, Gunter, Lumpy Space Princess, BMO and Finn. Now I can inject a little more fun into my daily routine.

Adventure Time x Dr. Martens


I couldn’t resist getting these awesome Adventure Time Dr. Martens. I believe they are Men’s sizes, so I sized down one when I bought one to a Size 6. There are three designs in total so far but I found this particular one the most practical, and somehow the least likely to clash with outfits.


Adventure Time teamed up with Dr. Martens for their “What do I stand for?” campaign. There’s a video for it on their official website that is adorable.


Apparently some of the designs only have around 1400 pairs worldwide. So these could be a totally exclusive and limited pair. Many of the adult sizes are already sold out in store and online.


I’ve been thinking about them since I saw the first announcement and I totally have no regrets about buying them!


Adventure Time’s Card Wars

When we saw Finn and Jake play Card Wars in an episode of Adventure Time, we wished so hard that it was a real game.

And it turns out it is. A single Card Wars Collectors Pack is approximately $20 and has two decks so two people can play right away. I decided to buy all the decks out so far (I think they will release more later). That way, we can switch it up and games would be different each time.


One thing to note is that it is exactly like the game in the episode meaning that the Adventure Time characters (Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum etc) aren’t actually part of the deck. Though you can imagine you are one of those characters if you wish. In fact, there is a “Hero deck” (optional) that exists where you can pretend you are characters from the show and gain special bonuses. The cards are actually ridiculous made up characters with hilarious descriptions in brand with the show. There are landscape cards, spells and even punch out hit points so you are fully ready to go in each box.


Like in the show, the winner of a match is damed the “Cool Guy” and the loser the “Dweeb”. Players try to protect their land so that their “Hero” (yourself) doesn’t get any hit points. Certain monsters need specific landscapes in order to work. The game is  a lot of strategy, fun and laughs.

Pages From My Sketchbook

The measuring cup in one of my previous posts!
The measuring cup in one of my previous posts!

This month I’m taking part in the 2015 Filler Up Sketchbook Challenge. I’ve started to fill my book up with a bunch of daily sketches. A lot of them aren’t very good but I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.


Funko Donatello
Funko Donatello


my desk lamp
my desk lamp

Six Dollar Shirts

I saw the ad for Six Dollar Shirts as a Google Ad on Ride the Tempo. I was lured in by their promise of cheap T-shirts. The shirts are $6, but if you want a fitted female one they are $6.50. This is still not bad compared to other sites like Threadless. The more you order, the cheaper it gets. I think 10 shirts are only $50. The shipping doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. I was testing if they were a legit company so I went with a safe 3 shirts. I chose geeky tees like the one pictured above.

Adventure Time!
Adventure Time!

The selections aren’t the greatest but I took the time to dig through and found ones I liked. This Adventure Time design is definitely worth the price. For the most part the prints are monochromatic, but are available in multiple shirt colours.
IMG_3712I also purchased this simple and cute, konami code shirt. The girl shirts fit well and are not boxy, so they are worth the extra 50 cents. The shirts shipped in like 2 weeks. While I waited though, I actually thought they might be a scam. I didn’t receive any notice of the items being “shipped” even though the original order confirmation said there would be. I thought I’d mention that as a warning. However, I received my shirts so the company is totally legit!

DIY Puzzles

Last year, instead of buying a card for Nash’s birthday I made him this puzzle message for him to build. I drew cartoon US and some characters from Adventure Time.

The puzzles themselves came inexpensively from an Asian boutique. I was browsing through Etsy today and found these unique ones.

This Puzzle Guestbook from Heartstruck designs is an interesting way to keep track of your guests at a wedding. It also comes in a variety of colours!

This 8 Piece Heart shaped puzzle is made from chipboard. Perfect for heavier art mediums like paint!

And if you want to keep it simple this Blank DIY Puzzle is perfect for you.

Happy Puzzling!

The People Who Read This Blog (or So I Imagine)

I haven’t written here in a while. I was busy attending NXNE last week and catching up on photo editing this week. However, I looked at my WordPress Dashboard today and there was a striking amount of people visiting in the past week or so. I honestly light up when I even know 10 people read this, but the past little while have been in the 400-500s.

I started to ponder, what you all must be like and came up with this list of people who I think read this blog:

You people search the internet for random things. Some way or another, your quest to find junk landed you here.

Dog Lovers
My bichon is obviously the most adorable thing in the world. I assume 90% of you follow this just to look at cute puppy photos.

Food Lovers
Maybe you’re a food lover, and you are here for the delicious photos of food. I’m not sure if my recipes are well written enough to warrant anybody following them, but I am going on an adventure to eat all sorts of things!

Adventure Time Fans
I’ve only ever had one post about Adventure Time, but it is the top Google search of all time here.

My Best Friends
Thank you for visiting, just because we’re BFFs. I know you probably think all that on here is terrible, but you’ll come back anyway.

Bubblegum Adventure Time

I had a pretty DIY Valentine’s Day this year. It started with the Pinterest inspired card but what we did on Valentine’s night was pretty crafty as well. We found these boxes of what looked at the time like some kind of edible play-doh in-a-box at the Asian grocery store:

I thought that they were going to be like the powder cupcake and donut set. However when we opened it, there was mini packets of bubblegum, sprinkles and a stick to use as a rolling-pin.