Do I look 29?


On one hand, I’m glad I can still look young (and not 29), but on the other hand, I know I’m growing up. People were super surprised I was engaged. I guess they never figured I was that old, or that I would grow up. I’ve started to think more in terms of wedding planning and finances.

However, I think I can continue having fun, no matter what age I am or where I am in life!

Mmmbop Turns 20

Omg! Can you believe Hanson’s Mmmbop turned 20 today? I remember as an 8 year old I would sit religiously in front of the TV on Friday’s to watch the music video on Hitlist. 20 years later the band is still a money-making business. They even have their own line of beer. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

We must all be getting old