Walk Your Way to Free Movies

Carrot Rewards¬†launched in Ontario a month ago. It’s like a step counter that rewards you! So far, you can sign-up to either receive points from¬†Aeroplan, Scene, Petro-Points and More Rewards. I chose Scene Card so I can walk my way to free movies.

For the first two weeks, the app tracks your own activity and creates personal goals. After that, there are daily goals and challenges where you can earn bonus points. There are also frequent surveys and quizzes to teach the user to live a healthier life style. After all, this is sponsored by Health Canada among other organizations.

It exists on both Android and iPhone and can use FitBit, Apple Watch or the built in step counter on your phone.

If you sign-up use my referral code tianaf2527 for extra points!

I like my weather funny

I found that my Apple Weather wasn’t always accurate so I liked for something better and landed on Carrot Weather. 

Not only is it accurate but it gives you funny sentences every time you open it. There’s even notifications of impending rainfall that is going to happen within 30 minutes in your area.

Also you can send your friends the weather and confuse them with strange messages. 

My First UberEats Experience!

Yesterday, I was really in the mood for some cake to make me feel better about the horrible news. It was ice raining all day so I decided not to leave the house and try out UberEats.
I looked through regular take-out places like Just-Eat but they only had regular things you would order for take-out such as pizza, Thai or Chinese food. Uber Eats provided me with other options from higher end restaurants. I got super excited when I found a place with 3 desserts and ordered all three.

After I placed my order I could watch on a live timeline the status of the delivery. Once it was picked up, I was able to see where exactly my driver was. When he was close to my front door, I went out and grabbed my three desserts!

Man, now I’ll never need to leave the house ever again.

Uber Cool Taxi Service

In the past, whenever I hailed a cab in Toronto, I would be constantly rejected for not going a far enough distance. For example, none would take me from Sound Academy (most inconvenient location ever) to Union Station. However, recently I decided to try the new Uber Taxi service and I think it may solve all my taxi problems.

The service operates with a smartphone app. It pinpoints your locations as well as how far away the closest cars are. Once you hit the big green button you get a text and a cab instantly heads to you and your phone keeps track of it’s location. They’ll call you once they are outside. The cars are black and sleek and makes me feel like I have a million dollars. There are two types of cars you can choose from; a normal black car and an SUV.

Another neat feature about Uber Taxi service is the payment is done through the app with a credit card. There is no worry about having cash at hand, and they don’t need to know how much you tip. The service fee (of $8) is a little bit more than the normal $4 you pay to get in regular cabs, but at the end of the ride you don’t have to add tip (and there’s no option to even if you wanted). There is a minimum charge of $15, but at least that means they will take you anywhere no matter the distance.

I love that Uber has considered business through an app. It’s innovated and smart, and I’ll definitely be riding them again! It’s still in testing in Toronto but the other cab companies can learn a thing or two from their business model.

Awesome Note for the iPad

If you’re a notebook addict like me, you might be interested in some of the options available for the iPad. My favourite is Awesome Note by Bridsworks. It goes for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store, but it’s worth every penny.

There are a bunch of free options for notebooks available in the app store but the functions on this one aren’t really comparable. I love the colourful folders and themes available for each page. They are also constantly updating it with more features. There are different types of notes where you can add photos, text, send to friends, add links. There is a calendar where you can keep track of when you wrote what, or did what. And if you don’t want someone to read something, you can add a password-locked diary. It’s a fully functioning notebook that can probably replace all the notebooks a notebook addict has at home.

However, I still prefer to touch actual books.