Follow me on Apple Music!

I updated my phone to iOS 11 and my iTunes to the latest version and Apple Music finally has social features. It’s a little late, but better than never. Find me at @tianafeng, where I plan to put a lot of cool playlists very soon. I want to see what you listen to too. Let’s discover music together.

Thoughts on Apple Music


Tomorrow is exactly 3 months from the day Apple Music first launch, so it means that those of us who signed up on the first day for the free trial will realize that it comes to an end and be charged $9.99/month if you don’t unsubscribe.

I decided to unsubscribe. To be honest, the only reason for my unsubscribing is a big one. I can’t use it in a browser. What both Spotify and Rdio have going for them are browser versions that I can use literally anywhere, including at work. To keep up with Apple Music means I have to keep an updated version of iTunes, which results in fighting with IT to let me download something that they might not deem worthwhile.

The interface and selection were great. Beats One has some interesting artists as guests, but all this goes to waste if it remains inaccessible to people who don’t have wifi at work (waste of data on phones and devices) or can’t download iTunes on their computer.