Belkin Apple Watch and Phone Dock


My life is full of charging cables for all sorts of devices: my e-reader, my laptop, my phone, my watch. In my bachelor apartment, it is really hard to walk anywhere without tripping over some kind of chord.

So it was perfect that my dad got me a Belkin charging dock that can do both my Apple Watch and iPhone and have one less cable on the ground!

iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing


I retired my iPhone 5S this weekend in favour of the new iPhone 7 Plus. Why Apple again? Well the answer is simple, I have the rest of the ecosystem and the devices work magically together and it is personally what is best for me. 


I bought the Rose Gold 256gb phone. I broke my FIIO X1 mp3 player(which I loved) a few months ago by spilling a bottle of water on it and thought that I’d finally give into using my phone as an mp3 player. Plus, this thing is water resistant and it makes commuting less awkward without 10,000 different devices.


The phone comes with the lightning charger, and also the new wired lightning earphones.


It also comes with the controversial dongle that allows you to plug other wired headphones into the jack.


I love the colour and shape of the new phone. I’m still waiting on a case I ordered online to come so for the time being it’s naked. I’m less OCD about scratches than I used to be.

The camera is stellar and so is the battery (in comparison to older iPhones). The size is something that still takes adjusting to. Why are smartphones getting bigger?


Bonus: I bought these screen protectors on eBay that were like 3 for $7. Always buy your accessories online!

I’m currently addicted to downloading apps on the new phone. So much space means I can finally download all the music and programs I want.

New Toy: Apple Watch


Over the weekend, I got my hands on a new toy! My very own Apple Watch. The box is so inconspicuous.


I opted for the stainless steel black Apple Watch with a black milanese loop. It’s a newer style that was introduced after last week’s Apple Event. Originally, I was going to get a new phone, but the iPhone SE felt uninspired. I thought that money would be better spent on a wearable instead and since I seem to have everything Apple, I went with the Apple Watch.

My family has Pebbles and they are a good value in terms of functionality and price. However, for me the one thing missing was always a more comprehensive ability to answer calls and texts. With the Apple Watch you can do both which is kind of like a 90s sci-fi lover’s dream come true.

I fell in love with some of the other functions upon using it. For instance, the Activity monitor will remind to stand up every 50 minutes if I’ve been sitting too much. I also like monitoring my heart rate with Heart Watch.

In addition, I spend less time unnecessarily checking my phone. I can read all texts quickly on the watch before deciding if I need to do any further actions. Quick replies are available as pre-populated messages or emojis. You can also dictate your replies, but I probably wouldn’t do that in public or I’d look silly.

I’ve still yet to discover the full potential of what my Apple Watch can do but I’m super excited about this new toy.

How to Win at the Genius Bar

My iPhone 4S’ wifi stopped working. I decided to take it in yesterday and ended up getting a replacement phone for free. I was in and out of the store in around 20 minutes.

Here are some tips to make your trip to the Genius Bar efficient and productive.

Backup your device. That way if you get a replacement product, you won’t have to waste time typing all your contacts and losing your photos. Also if the Genius Bar guy needs you to restore it, you can do that too.

Do your research. If there’s something wrong with your iPhone/iMac/iPod (or any other Apple product), make sure you read the Apple support site and try some of their suggestions. At least, know what those suggestions are so you can fire them at the guy saying you tried them before he tries to suggest them to you. Although there should really be something wrong with your device if you’re looking for a replacement, because they will fight you hard.

Be persistent. I wasn’t going to let the guy talk me into any solutions that were temporary. I assured him that nothing he suggested was going to work.

Prove it. From the beginning of my appointment, I showed him my phone did not detect wifi. He opened it up and said nothing was wrong. Then I proceeded to let him restore it, which temporarily fixed it. I knew in 5-10 minutes it would fail again. So we sat there. And waited 5 minutes. Sure enough, the phone had disconnected from the wifi and did not detect any networks.

Whether it’s a replacement or a repair you’re after, make sure you are prepared when going into the Apple Store. It will make your visit quick, efficient and less likely to end up in multiple trips!

Lost In the Apple Store

Last week was the first time I bought something directly from the Apple Store. Sure I own Apple products: the iPad, countless iPods but I was lucky enough to have been gifted them or have gone to Future Shop.

It was Black Friday and I wanted to buy my sister a Nano and perhaps Apple TV for the parents. However, I felt quite lost and confused. Not to mention clusterphobic.

What Do You Do With Your iPad?

This year for Christmas I have been lucky enough to get an iPad from someone dear to my heart. It was a very unexpected present; not something I have ever said I wanted but I love it so much. I’ve found so many wonderful uses for it, and am always discovering more.

This entire post is written using the WordPress iPad app that works with blogs hosted on as well as self-hosted blogs. Typing on it isn’t too bad,unless you need many different punctuation symbols. If this post had a ton of HTML it would be annoying.

Aside from blogging, I currently have over 70 apps and it has only been a day. The majority of them being games. One of my favorite productivity apps is Goodreader which I have used to import PDFs so that it is an easy way to access class notes. I also imported my library of over 500 digital piano sheet music and have been using it as a digital piano book. The iPad sits perfectly on the piano and flipping the pages on an ipad is easier than dealing with real paper pages. Not to mention it saves trees.

What really amazes me is the vast array of apps available. Most of the ones I have so far are free but even the paid ones are not expensive. What amazes me is the potential the iPad has. There are apps out there that emulate soundboards and mixers that cost $20 but allows people to experiment and make music without spending hundreds of dollars. There are drawing programs that are like photoshop. MMORPGs, movie players, Microsoft office. There really is an app for everything. This leaves me a little overwhelmed with deciding what to get. My ADD personality wants everything. What do you do with yours?