Happy Chinese New Year!

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When your dog somehow understands Chinese New Year

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Happy Chinese New Year! I’m spending the day with my family and dog. Teddy somehow understands that there are goodies inside red envelopes and he gets his own too.

Teddy Hangs


It’s a long weekend here in Toronto so I’m spending it back home with my family and of course Teddy! I miss him so much when I’m downtown. Just look at that fluffball.


His giant wet nose.


Chilling in his dog house that we built him when he was a baby.


“Teddy look at the camera!”

Still looking.

Photos taken with a Fujifilm x100T and the teleconverter. 

Teddy Will Entertain You

Headed off to another meetup today with some cool people so don’t have too much time to blog! Enjoy some photos of Teddy





Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I’ve never done any of the Daily Post Challenges before on WordPress but this one just coincidentally fit with something I just shot. I captured Teddy eagerly waiting by the window for my sister to come home.

It’s so hard to leave him at home sometimes because we know how anxious he must be for us to get back. Whether it is 2 hours or 5 minutes, he gives us the same warm welcome when he sees us walk through the door. I really liked this shot because although it’s still, it captured the warmth and the enthusiasm he has when he is perched on the couch watching the world below.

[Photoset] Teddy In The Snow

We finally had some snow fall this week in Mississauga. We let Teddy out in the backyard to play in the snow. Here are some photos!

[Photoset] Teddy And Mia

Holidays are busy times, so sorry for the lack of posts. For now here are some photos of Teddy and his new friend Mia!







Photoset: Teddy Learns to Swim

This weekend we went to my uncle’s cottage. Teddy’s afraid of water but we threw him in anyways and apparently he swims. Here are some photos.

You can also follow Teddy’s adventures at teddydoggy.tumblr.com.

Photoset: Like A Cloud With A Face

Long weekend here in Ontario. The weather is lovely and not too hot, so I let Teddy run around outside. He’s so white and puffy that sometimes he can be like a little cloud with a face.

Check out the rest of the set on Flickr.

Teddy Has a House

It was a long weekend and dad brought home extra wood so we decided to build Teddy a house.

All assembled:

We decided to paint it:
Also, if you love Teddy as much as I do, he has his own tumblr now at: teddydoggy.tumblr.com.

I Survived Woofstock [Photoset]

Teddy and some new friends


I finally had a dog that I could bring to Woofstock, so this was my first year. People and dogs of all types showed up. Dogs in dresses, dogs in strollers, dogs in purses. It was a day for your pup to be spoiled. Booths sold everything from modern dog houses, couches and other strange things. Here are some photos I managed to snap.
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012
This dog looks like a lion:
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012
Teddy got really tired so we had to carry him around. Look this painting kind of looks like him!
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012
Teddy wasn’t very impressed we made him do this:
Woofstock 2012
Someone dyed their poodles hair…
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012
This is Teddy’s potential sibling. They were born on the same day!
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012
Man, these dog cookies and donuts look so good I want to eat them!
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012
Woofstock 2012