Happy Kitchen: Cake Edition


I bought another one of those weird Japanese candy kit things! This time I made a miniature cake.


Inside there were a bunch of coloured powders and candy to decorate the cake with.

Watch me make it here:

So I ended up with this…..


Does it look exactly like the one on the box? To be fair, it is all the same once it is eaten. It did indeed taste like cake and icing.


My Sister Turned 25

My little sister just turned 25. I can’t believe it! It makes me feel ancient. We celebrated over the weekend with a Caramel Crunch cake. Here are some random photos of us posing at it:


Blowing out the candles:


We also had dinner at a random Chinese restaurant we’ve never been to and tried their Xiao Long Baos and something called “Sweet and Sour Fried Fish In a Squirrel Shape”. I’m not entirely sure where they get the “squirrel” from, but it does make for some great photos!



I Love Cake

Cute Cake
Ever looked into a display case of cakes and then knew you were meant to be with one? Well, I had to have this Cookies & Cream cake! But before I ate it, I took some random photos because it was so adorable.

Cake #SelfieCake selfie!

Cute Cake
Cute Cake
Cute Cake

Oh and Batman is still unimpressed:
Batman is Unimpressed by Cake

This Ain’t No Piece of Cake

photo 1
This board game is named Piece O’ Cake. However, when you assemble it and put it together, it is clearly pie.

photo 2

Anyways, the object is to gain as many points as you can by eating the most out of the matching pieces. You also gain points for discarding (or forfeiting) pieces you know you won’t have the most of.

photo 3

Simple enough. Here’s a photo of a sandwich, just because.

photo 4