Tiny Camera USB


When I purchased my new camera, I got a bunch of free goodies and one of them was this tiny USB that is a replica of the Canon 5D mark III. It even came in a similar box!


The tiny camera even came with it’s own lens caps and straps.


It looks just like the real thing!


Here is my Sailor Moon Funko to scale.

New Year New Camera!


I recently killed my Canon 60D showing a crazy Fucked Up show at The Silver Dollar. Luckily, during Boxing Day I ordered a new camera: The Canon 6D Mark IV. There was a bunch of extras that came with it including a tiny camera USB, CF card and bag.

I’ve been waiting years for it to come out so that I could upgrade to a full-frame camera with wifi.


I am still getting used to it but I can’t wait for all the new photo possibilities. This will be a powerful tool in my photo arsenal.

Camera USB


I was gifted this adorable Camera USB! It looks exactly like a Canon DSLR (but it says SONY for some reason).


The lens come out to reveal a USB! Isn’t it adorable?

Why I Bought A Mirrorless Camera

fujifilmA few weeks ago, I compulsively bought the Fujifilm x100t, a compact mirrorless camera. It was the second day of Bestival, and I had spent the first day lugging around a DSLR after I was told that photo passes were super limited. I still wanted to have access to a decent camera the second day but knew that it wasn’t worth carrying my entire DSLR kit.

Fast forward few weeks later and I regret nothing of my compulsive buy. This camera is amazing. The 23mm fixed lens has an aperture of f2 so it has great possibilities. The 35mm lens used to be one of my favourites on my DSLR and this is the equivalent on a crop frame. Sure, I can’t zoom but the limitations allows to be a more creative photographer.

That being said, this camera is super sharp, works better at times than my 60D in low light and is so super light that I can carry around everyday. Now there’s no excuse for my social media and blog photos not to be perfect quality!

Here are some sample shots:
Fucked Up @ Adelaide Hall 6/20/2015 #NXNE2015
Banks @ Bestival Day 2 6/13/2015
水中ブランコ (Suichu Blanco) @ The Silver Dollar 6/17/2015 #NXNE2015
Cathedrals @ Adelaide Hall 6/18/2015 #NXNE2015
Bestival 2015

As you can see this is one powerful little camera!

My New GoPro and the Beginning of Vlogtober!

I’ve been wanting to Vlog for a while. If you’ve been a frequent reader of the blog, I tried to at the end of summer but I ended up finding it cumbersome to be doing it on a DSLR. I enjoyed using the GoPro during the Canadian Club campaign and had wanted to buy one since. GoPro announced their new Hero 3+’s last week and on a whim, I ordered the new Hero Black!

I’m still testing the ropes on vlogging and according to frequent Youtubers it’s “Vlogtober” this month. It’s month-long challenge to vlog at least once a day. I’ll be doing so in a sort of daily snapshot-of-my-life-and-thoughts way. So far I’ve learnt a lot, including my own mannerisms in nervous situations (ie in front of camera) and the logistics of vlogging in general.

You can follow my adventures on Youtube and I’ll be writing about all my experiences here.

The Konstruktor- A DIY 35mm SLR

IMG_4603I first learned of the Konstruktor’s existence via Laughing Squid. The idea of a DIY camera was so cool so I ordered myself one from Lomography.
IMG_4604It’s basically like the IKEA version of a camera. The camera light chamber comes premade but there are instructions on how to build it if you ever feel like taking it apart. The body is plastic and most of the parts you have to twist from the plastic moulding. It also came with a screwdriver and stickers for customers to add their own personalizations.

IMG_4609 The box claims that the camera can be built in 1-2 hours. However, it took me 15 minutes to distinguish the screws the first time I built it.

IMG_4607The instructions for the most part are pretty clear. The diagrams are easy to follow but must be looked at carefully. The first time I missed an arrow pointing from end of a spring to a little nook.

IMG_4691 The reason I had trouble building it the first time was a defective light chamber. The springs were not strong enough to activate the shutter. I spent 6 hours thinking I built it wrong before considering that it was defective. Luckily Toronto has a Lomography store and I ended up exchanging it. It was a little bit of a hassle to do that though because in-store they claim their inventory doesn’t have any affiliation with the online (even if it was shipped from there).

IMG_4694Anyways, the second time around I built it in 45 minutes.

Here is the camera decorated! I was a bit sticker happy…

IMG_4599I’ve never really owned an analogue camera so the thought of not being able to see photos until later is so nerve racking. I bought some ISO 800 film from Lomography but right now I’m purposely experimenting with (unopened) expired film I found around the house. I made a couple of film winding mistakes in the beginning so it will be interesting to see how those turn out. I’m hoping that having to think more about composition will make me a better overall photographer!

Order came with this random keychain
Order came with this random keychain

Despite the weird mishap, I do recommend the Konstruktor if you’re interested at learning how cameras work. The top placement of the viewfinder is a cool experience. I can’t vouch for the quality of photos though because I have no idea yet! Don’t worry. I’ll definitely be posting some scans when I get the film developed.

Camera Lens Mug

IMG_8047For Father’s Day I bought dad a mug that looks exactly like Canon’s 24-105mm lens. I placed my order on eBay but noticed that it was shipped from xcsource.com, so you should check them out if you want your own.
IMG_8048The details of the replica are pretty astounding. The AF and IS buttons actually move. For an extra buck or two you can actually have it say “Canon” where it is supposed to, I just didn’t realize it when I ordered.
IMG_8052We don’t actually have the 24-105 lens, so above is a photo next to the 24-70mm. Close enough eh? Hope dad doesn’t accidentally pour coffee in his real lenses!