Happy Canada Day!

It’s Canada Day long weekend. While Canada’s 150th birthday should acknowledge the past suffering of Indigenous peoples, there are still things I’m grateful for all the privilege I have experienced in being born here.

I’m relatively free to look how I want, studied what I wanted, marry who I want to. I can blog about what I want, a freedom of speech that doesn’t happen in China where my parents were born.

I think we can celebrate Canada as a country and the freedom it allows many, but also continue listening to our Indigenous neighbours.

Happy Canada’s Day!

Happy Canada’s Day! I’m proud to be born Canadian. Our ideals, values and freedoms are something we often don’t think of day to day but with all the political happenings around the world recently, I couldn’t be more happy that Canada is my home.

What Does Canadian Music Mean?

It’s Canada’s Day here! To celebrate on my blog Ride the Tempo we wrote a huge feature on what Canadian music means to a variety of different artists. Head over here to read it now!

Ate My Way Through the Harbourfront Centre

Pigeons Having A Conversation
Two pigeons having a conversation at Union Station

To celebrate Canada’s birth I headed down to the Harbourfront Centre, mainly to eat bacon.
For $7, Barque Smokehouse offered a plate of bacon samplers. There was a mini smoked pork belly with pineapple skewer, peameal bacon taco, a smoked tofu with lettuce, bacon wrapped sausage, nachos and lastly a root beer float with candied bacon. To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. It was too bite size to really give you a bacony kick. I think I would have preferred to pay more to have a full-sized version of each of these things made in less of a rush.

Does anybody else find this sign hilarious?

Luckily, there was plenty to eat at The Harbourfront Centre. There were many vendors around and some worldly offerings at the World Cafe. Maybe since it was Canada’s Day, two corners were occupied by our country.

Beaver Tail!

A beaver tail felt like an obvious choice considering it was Canada’s birthday. In case my American readers don’t know, it is deep fried dough (sort of like a churro or fountain cake) in the shape of a beaver tail and served with a variety of yummy toppings. They are usually quite rare in city and are mainly found out East or at ski resorts. Anyway we chose a light offering of apple cinnamon.

Does not actually contain any Kool-Aid

To wash it down, I had a fruity alcoholic drink called Krazy Kool-Aid. It was sweet and refreshing despite not having any actual Kool-Aid. We enjoyed some tunes from The Toronto Mambo Project as we enjoyed our drinks.

IMG_8814We returned a little later to the World Cafe to sample the other Canadian offering Portobello Burger which had various vegetarian dishes on the menu. We ordered the Tasty Tacos and the Portobello Burger. The tacos had black beans & garbanzo beans, sauteed in onions and cooked in a tomato sauce. It was served in hard corn tostados with a traditional Mexican salsa and topped off with an old cheddar cheese. The cilantro was generous and even though it was a hard shell taco, it wasn’t messy at all. The portobello burger was served on a whole grain Ciabatta bun. It contained chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet red peppers, and goat cheese melted into a portobello mushroom cap. For a vegetarian burger, we ate it before remembering to take a photo of it.

When we were not eating, we explored some of what Harbourfront Centre had to offer. We were quite entertained by some hilarious karaoke rap. I totally should have busted out some Eminem but I thought that was not clean enough for the diverse audience. We ventured into the buildings to see what was in them and discovered an Architectural gallery as well as another with Inuit art. At Paws Way they celebrated Canada’s Day with a presentation of Canadian dogs and cats. Here are some random photos:

Harbourfront Centre’s fireworks had happened on Sunday so I headed home to see some with dad at Mississauga Celebration Square.

Fireworks @ Celebration Square

Fireworks @ Celebration Square