CMW Show Next Week!

5 more days until my CMW show! I’m super excited. It’s also got featured in Now Magazine’s 10 Must-see shows. It’ll be a busy week but totally worth it.

5 Bands to See at CMW

Canadian Music Week is approaching and I partnered with Do416 to suggest 5 bands I think you should go see. I subconsciously chose all female acts but there were so many awesome things to choose from!

Surviving Music Festivals

Random photo of me and Montreal's Honheehonhee

Canadian Music Week was keeping me busy last week, hence the lack of blog posts. This year, I didn’t want to bother any of my Toronto friends with crashing on their couches so I commuted back and forth. I was kind of like Cinderella, disappearing to catch the last bus at 1:20am. I’m pretty exhausted but here is how I survived the past week.