Dollarama Review: Reese Snacksters 

Did you know these existed? I did not know these existed until I walked into Dollarama today. I bought them and instantly ate them. They taste like you are dipping sticks into melted Reese’s Buttercups, completely with a lumpy texture. My one criticism was that the stick to dip ratio was uneven and there could’ve been way more sticks!

Chocolate Beer Made by Flying Monkeys


Perhaps this post title is misleading because monkeys don’t actually fly so no actual monkeys were involved in making this beer (at least for all I now). The Flying Monkeys is a craft brewery located in Guelph, Ontario. When I stumbled on this beer, in such eye-catching packaging I could not resist. Hell, they probably could have just put CHOCOLATE BEER on the label and I would’ve bought it. This was more obvious. This beer was more than the normal “chocolate” stout. It sounded epic. It was a Manifesto. It had an alcohol rating of 10%.




We saved the one bottle we snagged for New Years Eve. When we opened it the aromas were splendid. It truly did live up to it’s name. It did not smell like beer, but like a comforting chocolate milk. The strange part is, that’s what it tasted like to! The fact it was a beer, only hit you after every sip. It was delightful. Also, I could totally feel it right away after a mug full (I don’t have anything besides mugs at the moment).

I went back to the LCBO the next day to realize that it is no longer stocked in shelves. I guess I will have to wait until next Christmas to buy the entire aisle.



First Impressions: Tony Moly Latte Art Milk- Cacao Pore Pack


As you may know from previous posts, I’ve been obsessed with Asian beauty products because of their adorable design and affordable prices. Plus, Asian people never seem to age so they must work right? Recently, I picked up this Cacao Pore Mask thing from Tony Moly. It came in an adorable mug shaped container!


The product inside was multi-coloured and reminded me of the chocolate and vanilla soft serve mix from ice-cream trucks. It smelled like chocolate and Baileys Irish Cream.


The directions said it had to all be mixed together before using. After mixing, it turned into a greyish brown. The mask is to be applied and left on for 10-15 minute before washing off. When I applied it there was a tingling and almost burning sensation for the first minute or so but it went away. I could feel my pores tightening and within 10 minutes, the mask was fully dry.

After I washed it off, my face was soft and smooth. I felt like it also lightened my skin and hid the redness that I usually have on my cheeks as well as temporarily hid my pores. Not bad for a product that was only $10! You can watch my live first impressions on Youtube. My favourite part was its chocolatey smell that was good enough to eat.