Reinhart’s Red Apple Cider

I love cider, so everytime I see a new one at the LCBO I must try it. This Reinhart one is by the same people who make Apple Cider and baked goods, so they had to know what they were doing with their apples.

This cider was light, not too tart and had a crisp taste. At only 3.8% alcohol, this is more for pleasure drinking than a night out of the town.

Forbidden Dry Cider

I found the perfect dry cider to go work Dungeons and Dragons!

County Cider


This County Cider is sold in what looks like a pop bottle. It’s a dry cider, a lot like the pear one that I tried a few posts back. It’s crisp but not as apple-tasting as I would have expected. At 6.5% though, I think I will continue drinking it until Stephen Harper is not Prime Minister anymore.

Tempt 9 Strawberry & Lime


I love cider and our liquor stores seem to have slightly different ones at other locations. This Tempt 9 cider is made in Denmark and has strawberry preserves and key lime juice. It is so sweet and refreshing that it drinks much like Kool-aid (so keep it away from the children).

County Pear Cider


I splurged on a bottle of $7.95 pear cider I never tried before from County Cider Company located in Prince Edward County. It’s more expensive than most o the ciders on the shelf and I wanted to see if I would even appreciate the difference.

It’s a small batch cider inspired by travels to Domfront area of Normandy. In this area they use pears from 200 year old trees to create cider. County Ciders also use handpicked fruit (though not from far away I think).

The cider was sweet and smooth. It went down super easy but at the same time there is an alcohol content of 6.5% so you definitely feel something after finishing a bottle!

Pommies Farmhouse Cider

Pommies Farmhouse Cider comes from Calendon, Ontario. It’s a dry cider that has a light colour of white wine. It’s tart and slightly weird. I thought it was okay, but not my preferred cider taste. I prefer my ciders with a bit more punch.

Recommended Ciders: Brickworks & Okanagan Pear

A lot of the times I prefer cider to beer because I find them more drinkable with meals. Like beers, I’ve been looking to try more Canadian-made craft beers rather than the mass-produced kinds. My recent favourites are Brickworks Premium Dry Cider and Okanagan’s Dry Pear.

The Brickworks also comes in a semi-sweet variety (which I haven’t tried yet). They are made with 100% Ontario apples Their site says that “No apple in our cider travels further than 300 kilometres from the tree to the Ciderhouse.” 5% of all their profits also go to environmental organization Evergreen. Their apple cider is perfectly balanced in term of sweetness. It goes down easy like apple juice but doesn’t feel too sugary.

While Okanagan makes an apple cider I decided to try the pear. On their website there are actually a variety of fruit ciders. Anyways the pear cider was nice and crisp. It wasn’t like the Sir Perry Pear cider that was way too sweet, the Okanagan balanced the sweetness as well as Brickworks.

With both these ciders I didn’t feel like I was having some “girly” drink. These were authentic to the fruit flavour but tart enough to be an adult drink.