Pixel Pikachu x Uniqlo

I’m so happy to have this Pixel Pikachu shirt from Uniqlo. The line is all sold out here in Canada, but I got a good friend to order it online, ship it to the States and smuggle it up here.

I love this simple pika-shirt so much!

Staying Warm

The temperatures are finally dipping this week. We saw our first snowflakes on Sunday. Monday afterwork I splurged on some things to keep me warm:

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It snows once

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I’ve never bought under shirts for winter but I couldn’t resist trying Uniqlo’s Heattech line. It has special fibres to keep the wearer warm or extra warm (which I decided choose). There’s also Argan Oil to keep your winter skin comfortable. I’m excited to test it in cold weather. It’s so thin that it doesn’t add much bulk.

I wanted warm waterproof boot thats were more work appropriate than the fluffy boots and these were perfect. I love my new Sorel Lola boots!


The soles are rugged, which is important to me when buying boots because I am a total clutz, so anything that improves my stability is a plus. Plus, they look great too.

Now I’m all ready for going to work in the cold!

Doggy Print

Simons, a department store from Quebec recently opened in Mississauga. My sister and I went scouring the racks last weekend. My favourite finds were a blouse and a shirt that both had terrier prints.

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I have a theme going on this week haha #ootd

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Aren’t they so cute? Now I can show my doggy love at work!


IMG_4232 copy

I’ve been into cool merch lately and I grabbed this interesting and slightly oversized hoodie from The Weeknd’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The giant hood lets me be an urban goth.

IMG_4231 copy

I like the cut. The hoodie is unisex so  it isn’t super fitted but has shape. The sleeves are super wide too in case you are like a body builder or something but it makes me look more goth.

IMG_4233 copy


Adorable Shirts from TeeTurtle


Ok, I admit I clicked on a Facebook ad. It led me to TeeTurtle, a site that sells cute, nerdy T-shirts! I ordered two as a test for $12 each, which is a decent price for original prints. My order came in an adorably packaged envelope with the site mascot. Wouldn’t you be so excited if you saw this in the mail?


The first shirt was this “Pokermon” T-shirt. Get it?


It’s such a corny joke but look how adorable they all are.


My second choice was a more girl power print with a bunch of princesses gossiping by a fire. I think Sleeping Beauty is my favourite part of this.


This one looks a bit looser because I accidentally ordered a “standard T-shirt” instead of a Women’s T-shirt, which are usually cut differently. That’s okay though! I love this print so much.

The prints are vivid and great quality. The fabric is comfy and soft. It also arrived sooner than I thought, since the shipping wasn’t very expensive (around $2).  I’ll definitely be browsing the site for more cute tees soon.

Hello Kitty x The Simpsons

Ever since I first saw someone where this poncho sweater thing on an American friend’s Instagram, I wanted it badly! I found out that it was an exclusive piece from Japan LA.



It is part of an official collaboration between Hello Kitty and The Simpsons. I couldn’t get over how adorable the chibi versions of the Simpsons’ cast were.


The poncho is one size-fits all and despite being loose is a shape that works with all bodies. It’s also super soft and comfy!


It’s seriously one of my favourite new wardrobe pieces!


More Rocky The Zombie Cupcake T-shirts!

IMG_1827This week I received another exciting package from Rocky the Zombie. I really loved the previous cupcake shirt I bought on Ranon’s Etsy and wanted more. While exploring her shop a second time I saw these adorable cupcake prints and asked if she could make them into shirts. She was happy to and even threw in a few extra things including more candy. Yay!

IMG_1850This one is a slash-neck magic cupcake t-shirt. Right now a black and white version is 40% off in her Etsy shop.

IMG_1885 This summery cupcake T-shirt is also on sale. I love how it reflects the upcoming season.

IMG_1893Ran added this adorable cupcake totebag as well. Now I’m already to take on the summer music festivals with my cupcake attire!

Crochet Short Sweater

For my first major crochet project, I made this short crop sweater sweater. The pattern came from The Happy Hooker book I mentioned earlier.
Understanding how to read the pattern was a confusing at first, so the sweater is a tiny bit disfigured, but still wearable.
It pairs well with a bright coloured tank top underneath.
It was a little thicker than I wanted. I used black wool I had but I threw out the label was unsure about the needle gauge. However, I’m proud that it actually looks like a sweater (and not a blob of yarn).

How To Tell If You Should Throw Away Those Clothes

If your closets and drawers are bursting like mine were, that would be a good enough reason to reach into them and see what things you can donate to the closest shelter. Believe me, it’s hard sometimes to chuck something. There are memories attached to them or even the tiniest feeling that you might use that tied-dyed shirt for something.

However, if you want to do some cleaning, here are some reasons you should throw out that piece of garment.

1. They are broken. Maybe it’s the hole in the armpit, or zipper that won’t zip. And you won’t find the lanyard of that sweater. It’s been eaten by the dryer.
2. There’s a giant stain on it. No matter how many times you put it through the wash, it isn’t coming out.
3. They belong to somebody else. Perhaps it’s an ex’s shirt, unless you’re actually going to turn it into a dress, I’d burn it or give it to someone in need.
4. They are too big for you. If they’re too big, you’ve probably lost a ton of weight and throwing your larger size clothes away is the last step of the process. There is no need to turn back. Or maybe you bought some clothes on boxing day last Christmas that were a bit too wide. I bet you don’t wear them.
5. They are too small for you. Face it, we all grow up. I have grown out of pants. My high-burger diets probably don’t help, but I’m pretty sure the dryer magically shrinks them by an inch every time just to mess with me. Make sure you have clothes that are right for your body type.
6. When was the last time you wore that? If it hasn’t been since Halloween, maybe it’s for a reason. If you’re going to keep things that are to be used as costumes/props, don’t keep them in your closet.
7. They are no longer in fashion. This rule doesn’t need to be followed as closely, as things do come back in fashion once in a while. However, if they aren’t following current trends, why not just hide them away in a while? They can be a treasure chest to come back to later when you’ve forgotten about them.

It’s nice to make room in the closet of our lives. I no longer how to stressfully shuffle through a puddle full of stuff to get to the things I want. Plus, it makes room (and an excuse) to do some more shopping again!

Be Your Own Fashion

Yesterday I was raiding my closet and I found a bag of clothes that I had put away. They were shut away not because I didn’t like them or that they looked bad. It was because my ex hated frilly things and would always make fun of me if I wore anything slightly non-fitted or too “cute” or out-of-the-box. Basically, if I wasn’t some cookie cutter hot girl then he hated it and I dressed different around him than I did anybody else.

Now with my new found freedom, I was left there thinking. What is my fashion? My answer, my own.

I’m not the type of girl who buys things for the brand. I love it when someone asks me where I got something, and sometimes my answer is literally “I have no idea” or “I don’t remember”. It’s wonderful having something that nobody else does. I don’t go through sales racks and buy things for the sole reason that they are on sale. Most of my buys have been emotional compulsive buys of things I’ve fallen in love with on first sight. I have a habit of buying pieces rather than full outfits. I adore things that are unique.

What is your fashion? I am anything but one thing. Not exactly normal either. I have constantly changing hair colour, which is currently blonde. I have blue, turquoise, purple contacts which I wear in rotation. Sometimes I wear socks that don’t match, heels that are much too high. I have t-shirts with pictures of food on them, dresses that are a little strange and recycled pieces I made from projects on Cut Out and Keep. One day I’ll be a complete dork, the next make boys heads turn. My wardrobe pretty much reflects my ADD all-over-the-place personality.

I love looking at people and trying to guess what they’re like from their clothes. It’s even more fascinating when you actually talk to them and are blown away by the fact you were completely wrong. They weren’t the cookie-cutter person their clothes made them out to be. They weren’t the person their clothes defined them out to be. They weren’t the goth, ghetto or as superficial as the appeared. This goes both ways, girls and guys.

I have a little sister who’s probably everything that I’m not. I never understood the falling in love with a brand or a certain style. Buying the Ed Hardy T-shirt everyone else has? Wearing the same dress as a celebrity? Dressing up as a skater, punk, hipster? Be your own trend. It doesn’t mean you can’t be one of those some days, just don’t stick a label on yourself. I’m sure you are much more interesting. Try owning something that you haven’t had before but was too afraid to try on because you thought someone wouldn’t like it. Just make sure it fits right, that’s the only rule. I guarantee you will get compliments, get noticed. Why blend into the background? Be your own fashion.