What If?

My current reading the book version of XKCD’s What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. The website and the book is a gold mine for those who’ve always had curious questions they were too embarrassed to ask out loud. Face it, we all have had those.

Take this one:

If you suddenly began rising steadily at one foot per second, how exactly would you die? Would you freeze or suffocate first? Or something else?


While you can find the answer here, I really enjoyed that Randall Munroe used giraffes to illustrate some points.


What type of hypothetical question would you ask a scientist? I think mine would probably be: How much bacon could I eat and still live?.

I Went to A Zine Fair!

zine2A few weeks ago, I attended my first Canzine, a zine and underground culture fair in Toronto hosted by Broken Pencil Magazine. There were a lot of things for sale from indie publishers including zines, comics, prints, posters and more. It was an inspirational experience and motivated me to want to maybe create something for Canzine 2015.

I did however contribute a comic to Static Zine‘s “Milestone” issue which I was lucky enough to pick up in colour! Static is put together by some good friends and contains all sorts of stories and art based on the issue’s theme.

zine3I received this adorable drawing by comic artist Sam Noir.

On our way down the stairs, we were approached by a strange man selling comics from his trench coat. His name was Steven Trigg and his book “Things I’ve Thought” are illustrated jokes that are so lame they are awesome. Nash ended up buying a copy.

If you’re interested in zines and pretty paper, one of my friends write a great blog about them called Paper Trail Diary.

Why I Dislike Grocery Shopping on the Weekends

Until I am full-time employed, I live in the suburbs at my parent’s house. This month they happened to be on a trip so I am here to fend for myself in terms of being fed. Throughout the week I collected flyers of the nearby supermarkets and circled items on sale. My parents had always gone grocery shopping on the weekend, so I thought it would be plausible to do the same. However, I discovered it is one of the worst things ever.

People forget how to drive shopping carts. It’s like all the people who drive in rush hour on a weekday some how congregated into the same supermarket. There is no order whatsoever. You just go whenever the path is clear. If ever. The only exception seems to be the organic food aisle. Have you seen the prices? It’s no wonder nobody goes down there. The worst offenders of shopping cart mayhem seem to be senile old people who seem to yell at you from every direction. I like to pretend that they probably drive like this too.

There’s more of a chance of running into somebody you know. I ran into the parent’s of one of the kids I used to teach. It was a pleasant encounter except for the fact I was trying to stock up on 5 packs of bacon. It makes things awkward when their cart consists of vegetables and organic cereals. Way to make me feel guilty. Not of my own eating habits of course, just that I’m the mockery of theirs.

It’s survival of the fittest. Why do you need 10 jugs of orange juice? I only wanted one for my sister. If you want to get any sales item, you must get there first. Run. And if you came to an empty rack, glare at the person who has a mountain on their cart.

The lines are like the ones at Disney World. Forget express lanes. People on weekends don’t know how to count. Hey dude in front of me you clearly have more than 10 items. I’m only trying to buy these two tomatoes. Again, you also get the senile old people and the people who pretend they don’t know English (and therefore the sign) who cut in front of you. This makes going to multiple stores for sales a pain in the ass.

If you’re a weekly weekend shopper, I tip my imaginary hat to you. You must be a trooper. As for me, I think I will avoid this trip for a more subdued time of week.