Partner @ Longboat Hall 4/22/2017

You have to be a very special band for me to shoot/see you 100 times and Partner is one of those bands. The whole gallery has my favourite shots of the week. View it here.

Photos: STACEY, Kirty, Maccie, Helena Deland @ The Silver Dollar

Ride the Tempo co-presented a showcase at the Silver Dollar this weekend. Here are some of my favourite shots! See the full set here.

Photos: Lisa Leblanc @ The Rivoli

I shot Lisa Leblanc’s sold out show at The Rivoli on Friday! Here are a few of my favourite shots. You can view the full photoset here.

dscf3922 dscf3866 dscf3831

TURF Day 3 Photos!

Photos from the third day of TURF are up here. Here are a few favourites below:


Photos from TURF Day 2!

Saw some cool bands reunite on TURF Day 2. Check out the full review and photos here.

img_5750 img_6002 img_6029

Hillside Photos: Friday

Here are some of my favourite photos from Friday at Hillside Festival. Check out he full gallery here.

DSCF1932 IMG_6571 IMG_6721

Photos: Tough Age, Century Palm, Germaphobes, Long Branch @ Monarch Tavern

I shot Tough Age, Century Palm, Germaphobes and Long Branch with my Fuji X100T on Saturday. Here are a few of my favourite shots. You can catch the rest here:

My First Photo Show

Zoo Owl @ WL 15 Pop-Up 1/22/2015
Last night was the opening of the Wavelength Pop Up Gallery where 3 of my concertphotos are currently being displayed alongside some by my friend Aviva Cohen and Sam Kadosh.

Here are 3 photos being displayed:
Zoo Owl @ Wavelength 14 - The Silver Dollar 2/13/2014
Weaves @ Wavelength 14 Day 2- Adelaide Hall 2/14/2014
Rich Aucoin @ ALL CAPS Island Music Festival Day 2 8/11/2013

The night was well attended and all the photos, posters and artwork were well received. It was exciting (and a little bit nerve racking) to see my work so publicly displayed. They will be available for viewing until February 15th at the Hunt Club in Toronto.