Photos: Rich Aucoin, Dilly Dally, Duchess Says @ Camp Wavelength 8/19/2017

On Saturday I saw Rich Aucoin, Dilly Dally and Duchess Says at Camp Wavelength. See the full gallery on Ride the Tempo.


Partner, Big Budi Band w/ Aquakulture, The Highest Order + more @ SappyFest 8/6/2017

Last SappyFest post! Here are some of my favourite photos from Sunday. Full gallery is on Ride the Tempo.

Weaves, Lido Pimienta, Jon McKiel, Bernice + more @ SappyFest 8/5/2017

Here are some of my favourite shots from Saturday night at SappyFest! Find the full gallery here.

Daniel Romano, Teenanger, The Courtneys, Tough Age @ Sappyfest 8/4/2017

Catching up on my SappyFest posts. Here are a few of my favourites from Friday night. You can find the full gallery at Ride the Tempo.


Weaves, The Weather Station, Richard Laviolette, Jennifer Holub @ River & Sky 7/23/2017

Sunday and final day River & Sky photos are up now on Ride the Tempo. Here are a few favourites:

Photos: METZ, Dilly Dally & More @ The Silver Dollar

My METZ shots from the very last show at Silver Dollar are up now here.

Dilly Photos up here.

Last weekend was legendary!

Duchess Says @ Baby G

The cult of Duchess Says is always a fun one to shoot! See the full set over here.

Das mörtal, Beat Market, Zoo Owl, Paupière @ Longboat Hall

Photos from the Ride the Tempo x Longboat Hall showcase are up now on Ride the Tempo!

Later that night I also hit up Les Deuxluxes. You can find the photoset here.


Ride the Tempo Showcase Tonight!

I’m busy with CMW this week but if you’re out tonight come say hi at Longboat Hall

Weaves, Partner, Thrifty Kids @ House of Targ

I shot Weaves, Partner, Thrifty Kids recently in Ottawa. Full photoset here and a few of my favourites below.