Improv Fried Rice

I was never really taught how to make fried rice. Being Asian, I have eaten many different variations of fried rice. My favourite by far has been my mom’s. She usually just improvised with whatever meat was on hand and added the following ingredients:

Mac and Cheese With Bacon

mac and cheese is really awkward to take a picture of

Having the house to myself again means more cooking adventures. Today I decided to make good ol’ Mac n Cheese from scratch. I read a bunch of recipes and basically did a spin of my own with whatever ingredients I had on hand. I used a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar as well as some thyme that was leftover from a random turkey I roasted last week (my parents liked the one I made at Christmas that much). I also added onion and bacon on top as garnish and it turned out delicious and worth making from scratch. I’m sure we all have KD in the cupboard right?

Here is my take on classic.

Microwave Potato Chips Recipe

If you follow me on Facebook or twitter you’ve heard about me making potato chips with the microwave constantly. People always ask me for the recipe so I thought I’d finally make a post about it. I discovered this recipe when I was a student with not too many ingredients and resources available. Here’s something that anybody can do if they have a random potato lying around!

I Had No Idea How To Cook A Turkey.. But It Happened

I have no idea how to cook a turkey. Somehow, I was in charge of the task of cooking it this Christmas. My mother was too lazy, but we had a 15lb bird sitting in the basement freezer. It had to be roasted by someone.

Naturally, I turned to Google. What else do people do nowadays? when they approach an unknown task. We Google what we cannot Wiki.

Cheeseburger Soup Trial!

I was intrigued by this Cheeseburger Soup Recipe I had found through Pinterest so I decided to try it this weekend with my boyfriend.

It was pretty delicious. The soup tasted like a variation of cream of potato (well it is a variation), but it left you with an aftertaste of a cheeseburger. The concept was interesting. We didn’t follow all the ingredients exactly, but it still turned out tasty.

We pretty much doubled some of the recommended ingredients including the beef. We also used slightly more potato, cheese and sour cream. The cheese we used was not Velveeta, we opted to use a real block of mild cheddar. I didn’t have any celery and carrots in the house so we did without those.

My little sister is a picky eater at times but she had multiple bowls of it! It’s a definite must try if you are as fascinated by it as I was. Next time I’d definitely add some bacon. Bacon Cheeseburger Soup sounds even better does it not?