Face It Gradation Nail Polish

When I was at the Face Shop a few weeks ago, I picked up this inexpensive nail polish set for $6ish.
Inside are three different colours labelled 1, 2, 3. They are to be applied in layers from the inner nail bed to the tip of the nail resulting in a gradient effect.
The above photo is a test with only one coat. I found the sparkles in bottle three to be a little bit too large to effectively apply on the tips-only. Otherwise, I love the colours together! You can watch me test it out in this vlog.

The full line of Face it Gradation Nail Polish is available on Amazon!

Look #6

Opted for some green today.


Look #5

First day at new internship. Decided to use some dark natural golds and red lips.


Look #4

Today I blended light pinks and purples.



Look #3

Here is look #3 of my 30 Day Challenge.

I am not leaving the house today so I kept it simple. I used pale white eyeshadow as highlight and some simple brown eyeliner. I dyed my hair dark brown today and a dark lip really compliments it.

A Look A Day Challenge- Look #2

Here is my second look of my March challenge.

30 Day Challenge: March Edition- A Look A Day

I conquered last month’s challenge of not having a drop of coffee. Today I completely forgot that I could finally have a cup. I don’t think I plan on jumping back into habit just yet. Perhaps my mind will change next week when I have work engagements which will need me up in the morning. But anyway, it’s a new month so time for another challenge.

This is only part of it

I think it’s time for something artistic. I realized while doing my video album reviews that it’s pretty fun to play with make up. I also realized, I have way too much makeup. When I was in university I was addicted to buying set after set of eye-shadow. Often they came with blushes, lip glosses and eye liners too. I have hundreds of colours at hand so this month I decided.. I will create a different look a day.