Maple Porter, Seagram Apple Cider, Hopsta La Vista


I had the pleasure of visiting the Summerhill LCBO, which is like the biggest LCBO I have ever seen. It even has a huge craft beer alcove dedicated to located craft beers. They even have growlers. I decided to pick up a few tall cans I had not seen anywhere else. First I tried the Maple Porter made with real Canadian maple syrup. It really lived by it’s name as there was a hint of maple in every sip. Fans of darker beer may enjoy this one for it’s sweetness. Not sure why I started the evening with this one as it is a heavy hitter.


Anyways, next was this Seagram apple cider. It was sweet and not dry.


I legitimately bought this India Pale Ale because it had a dude that looked like my friend’s face on it. It contained nice hops but was very smooth and light at the same time. It had sweet notes but also had a malty side.

Recommended Craft Beers: Sawdust City Lone Pine IPA & Old Tomorrow

I’ve been obsessed with trying local craft beers lately. There are a ton from Ontario alone! In fact the craft beer trend is so popular that Toronto now has stores to buy your own brewing supplies. Most recently I tried Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale. The Toronto ale a full-bodied brew that went down smoothly.

IMG_0866The other beer I had was Sawdust City’s Lone Pine IPA. It was very hoppy!

The best thing about buying local craft beers is also the fabulous designs. The first one pays tribute to the 150 year anniversary of the Charlottetown conference that triggered confederation. Constrastly, Sawdust has a more country vibe because after all it is brewed in Gravenhurst! Anyways, can’t wait to dig for more beer treasures at the LCBO.

Craft Beer & Music

A few weeks ago, I photographed the 4th Annual Big Smoke Fest hosted by Tall Boys. The night featured a great music entertainment as well as a fine section of craft beers.

IMG_0997The most memorable beer I tried at the event was a mysterious one from Nickel Brook Brewery. They had over 10 varieties at their booth but I was drawn to a mysterious bottle with a black label and the numbers 11 05. The friendly rep told me that it was a barley wine beer that had been aged for a year on exactly November 5th. It had a striking 11% alcohol but was smooth and sweet.

You can see the entire photoset of the night on the Tall Boys Facebook Page.