I Made Candles!

Yesterday, at my friend’s bridal shower, we made Soy Candles! I learned that soy is better for the environment than regular wax, and healthier to breathe in. The pieces reminded me of mozzarella cheese.

Luckily, we made them in glass jars (not the pulling way) so that I didn’t end up with something like this:


Instead, it looked more like this. I picked the one that smelled like cake of course.

Now that I know how to do this, I want to research how much materials cost and perhaps make some on on my own!

The Occasion Tree

My sister had surprised me with the mini Christmas tree during the holidays. It was perfect for my tiny apartment. Now that Christmas is over, I didn’t want throw it out. Nor do I have much room in the closet to store it.

Instead, I decided to deem it “The Occasion Tree”. It will now reflect various holidays, or just silly themes that I come up with. Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I decorated it with hearts.

I can’t wait for future theme ideas. Living close to the dollar store gives me unlimited possibilities!

Crochet Shawl for Mother’s Day

shawlAs a Mother’s Day gift, I made Mom a Sidewalk Shawl with a free pattern from Stitch Nation. I used a 5mm yarn but 8mm crochet hook so that the pattern would be more visible. I skipped the third and fourth repetition of the pattern but it still resulted in a large shawl!

Crochet Dog Bone

My practise ball of white yarn never seems to disappear so I made Teddy this crochet bone with a pattern I found on Pinterest. I didn’t make it quite as long because of my dog’s small size.
I added a ribbon made out of an old T-shirt to hide the seams.

I think he approves.

Crochet Short Sweater

For my first major crochet project, I made this short crop sweater sweater. The pattern came from The Happy Hooker book I mentioned earlier.
Understanding how to read the pattern was a confusing at first, so the sweater is a tiny bit disfigured, but still wearable.
It pairs well with a bright coloured tank top underneath.
It was a little thicker than I wanted. I used black wool I had but I threw out the label was unsure about the needle gauge. However, I’m proud that it actually looks like a sweater (and not a blob of yarn).

Learning to Crochet

IMG_8994I decided to teach myself how to crochet (again). I had started last year but then I became busy and forgot all about it.

I purchased a set of crochet needles from Ebay, where you the entire collection cost $5 with shipping included! It’s ridiculous how cheap you can get supplies like yarn as well.

IMG_8996I inherited Debbie Stoller’s The Happy Hooker from my best friend when she moved out of Toronto. It’s been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. IMG_8998This is a test ball of white yarn I bought at the dollar store ages ago. Half of it I used to learn how to knit.

I made these square coasters with the yarn as I learnt how to do some of the basic stitches; double crochet, half double crochet, and single crochet. I’m hoping to eventually learn how to make some adorable Amigurumi animals!

DIY Valentines: Pinterest Inspired

Me and my boyfriend didn’t really want to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, especially since we’re still both in job hunt mode. I decided to look to Pinterest for some DIY card designs. Here is the front of the card I made:

Text says: "I hope you'll always be there to eat my green Skittles"

The paper heart was inspired by this love note pin. The skittles represent a chapter in the beginning of our relationship. Before we dated, when we had just started talking, I was eating a pack of Skittles and told him I hated the green ones. I also blurted out that I would love the boy who would eat my green Skittles. He told me he liked green Skittles. It’s funny because we had not even thought of each other as date-able material at that point but it’s one of our first memories as friends.