Bacon Has a Blog!

Bacon now his own blog over at I didn’t want to bombard this blog with dog posts (though there will be some occasionally) so I gave Bacon his own space. There you’ll find random photos of his adventures, fashion and occasional reviews of the doggy world.


Pikachu Tamagotchi Pin

Ever since I went to the Pin & Patch Show, I’ve been really into looking at pin artists online. One of these artists is @reallybigdill who has a lot of adorable Pokémon pin crossovers.

I couldn’t resist this adorable Pikachu Tamagotchi pin. I almost wish it was a real virtual pet!

In love with my new pin from @reallybigdill 😍#pikachu #pin

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Gudetama Shower Cap

I grabbed this adorable Gudetama shower cap on eBay for a few dollars. I love buying adorable options for everyday house hold items online.

What are some of your adorable finds?

Went to a Pin + Patch Show

Got some on brand pins

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Yesterday I attended the inaugural Pin & Patch Show. My friends and I arrived more than half an hour before doors but there were already 100 people ahead of us. The event took place at the former storefront for Magic Pony.

There were a lot of vendors and a huge turnout. I grabbed an adorable Pocky pin from Queenie’s Cards and a Gameboy pin from Pete Ellison. I had taken the last one they had (the display) so it was without packaging!

I need some ideas of things to pin that I can regularly show off. I don’t really have a jean jacket and a cork board is not optimal for showing it off. What do you pin?

Tiny Camera USB


When I purchased my new camera, I got a bunch of free goodies and one of them was this tiny USB that is a replica of the Canon 5D mark III. It even came in a similar box!


The tiny camera even came with it’s own lens caps and straps.


It looks just like the real thing!


Here is my Sailor Moon Funko to scale.

Falling in Love With Animals at Refuge Pageau

While I was in Rouyn-Noranda Quebec for FME, the nice people at Abitibi-Témiscamingue Tourism offered us fun activities to do in the area. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see animals at Refuge Pageau.


On our way there, we made a stop where we climbed up a super high staircase to look at this beautiful view.


It took us over an hour and a half to get to the refuge but it was worth the wait. The refuge is a shelter for wild animals who were injured or orphaned. The employees care for the animals in hope to some day return them to the wild, or provide longterm shelter for those who can’t survive in the big world. The animals were fed with food that supermarkets were going to throw away, some of which still looked perfectly fine (which says a lot about consumerism). Hopefully, more stores catch on and do the same!

We fell in love with a lot of animals but particularly this porcupine named Chewbacca:







My friend Matt had been here before and he reacquainted himself with a coyote named Alex:


Enjoy more photos of animals below:


















Teddy Turns 5

I'm at work and my parents are sending me photos like this.

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Yesterday was Teddy’s birthday and I’m kind of sad I didn’t get to spend it with him. My parents set me photos of the little party they had though. I’ll be sure to spoil him this weekend!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we first brought him into our lives. I don’t think anything else could’ve changed our family as positively as this little ball of fluff.

Mini Block Dragonite


I found this mini Dragonite at Mr Pen. I think it may be by the same makers as the mini 7-Eleven I built. It’s very similar in quality to the official nanoblock Eevee that is also in my collection.


The blocks are small and the same size as all the other micro-sets I own. There are plenty of extra pieces in case one got lost.


What I found slightly confusing with this particular set of instructions was that only the current steps blocks were coloured, so you couldn’t really compare it to the layer below. This one was a bit delicate and I broke the wing a couple of times while trying to build it.


Rawr. Look at how adorable he is when built! I was surprised the wings didn’t tip him backwards due to weight.


I guess his giant chibi head helps! I hope next time I visit the store they have Pikachu.



New Camera Purse!


My old camera purse is starting to die so I ordered a new one. I fell in love with Johansen camera bags when I bought my camera backpack, so I thought I’d get my purse from there too.


The Allison camera bag in butterscotch was a reasonable price ($89 USD) and arrived quickly with their lovely cloth bag.


I have a shoulder bag that I use for when I’m on the go, but that one a little too small at times. This bag can hold a camera, lens, and has pockets for extra things too.


Of course, the bonus is that it is extra adorable as well and doesn’t give away the fact I’m carrying a camera! Off to shoot some more photos.

Mini 7-Eleven


I found this adorable miniblock 7-Eleven at Mr. Pen in Koreatown  and couldn’t resist!


It’s 273 pieces and unlike most lego building instructions the only coloured parts are part that you are currently working on. It can be confusing at first but it actually makes a lot more sense. This didn’t take too long to build, but I was missing a clear piece that I substituted for another piece and it turned out fine.


Tada! It’s so tiny.


My hand for comparison.


Here’s the Lego Kwik-E-Mart for sizing. It looks like it could swallow it up!