New Blog Look!

It’s been a while since I updated the look of this blog. I got comfortable with what I had. My previous layout was a customized version of Forever, a wedding theme.

I think I outgrew it a little over the past 6 months, but I could never find the next look, one that fit me and didn’t require featured images (because it would require a lot of back-work). Finally, I chose a premium theme (I am still a part of the community and also upgraded to a premium plan, as I was finally reaching the 3GB limit after 5 years.

My blog tends to be very image heavy and this theme lends itself well to it! Scroll down and look at some of the posts below with full-sized images.

Welcome to the new look of my daily journal!

Pokemon Shirts at Society 6


Over the holidays I ordered a few T-shirts from Society 6 by an artist named PaperBeatScissors. This one has all the Pokemon from the old games!


And I got Nash a shirt full of Smash Bros characters.

Aren’t they both adorable? I love buying original printed shirts online (but can’t this month because it is part of my 30 Day Challenge).

Ride the Tempo Redesign

Today I was busy redesigning my music blog Ride The Tempo. It finally has a fresh new layout that looks like it’s from 2015 and a new logo designed by my friend Paula Lafleur.

Check it out at:

Tony Moly- Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap

IMG_9185My latest addition to my Tony Moly collection is this Egg Pore Shiny Skin soap. These came in an adorable egg-carton like package.
The eggs come in white and brown. The white is for day and the brown is for night. There aren’t English instructions on the package and searching online has a few variation of uses. You can use these as normal face soaps (just lather and rinse). However, I like to use them like a mask. I lather and leave them on for 10-15 minutes before washing off. The brown one is a bit stronger so it doesn’t need to be left on as long.

IMG_9191After using them for a month, I have noticed that my pores are a bit smaller, and my skin looks smoother. The soaps are not recommended for sensitive skin as they can be very drying at first. A good moisturiser after washing is a must.

When I first started using these, I broke out a little bit, but that is a result of all the deep dirt coming to the surface. After a while, my skin is looking great. The soaps look like they will last a long time too.

You can also watch my first impressions in this video.

TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

I rarely post about products (unless they are social media or internet obtained), but lately I’ve had an obsession with Asian beauty products because of their adorable designs. In addition, they are super affordable. This lip scrub from Tony Moly comes in a lip shaped container.

The cream itself is white with little sand-like beads. There weren’t really any English instructions, or room for any, (since there wasn’t a box) so I figured it out by reading other people’s reviews of the product. I took a tiny amount and rubbed it on my lips for a minute or two and felt the granules rubbing off the dead skin. It didn’t hurt or anything. After washing it off, my lips felt much smoother!

I recommend this product for dry lips, or any one who is a chronic lip biter (like me). It makes lip stick and glosses last much longer the next day too.

Klout Perk: The Red Bull Editions

Klout sent me an e-mail a few days ago saying my Red Bull Editions perk was finally on its way. I didn’t expect it to show up expedited at my door yesterday. Who knew free samples would be so damn efficient. They even came in a cute little box with a tag.

I have too much expendable energy to drink them right now but I thought they came in nice bright colours. I like this design much better than the regular Red Bull. It’s streamlined and simple. I played around with some manual focus photography with my f1.8 lens.

Maybe I’ll save these for when music festival season comes along.

My First Purchase on Etsy! Rocky The Zombie Cupcake T-shirt

IMG_9050As you may or may not know, I wear cupcake t-shirts to concerts. It is something I started a few years ago with Johnny Cupcakes T-shirts but I’ve been trying to add other kinds of cupcake attire to the collection. I hope to support more independent designers.
IMG_9060My latest edition is this adorable Rocky the Zombie T-shirt from Etsy made by Ranon. It is pretty difficult to find cupcake clothing that aren’t made to fit children. This adorable t-shirt has a slash neck so I could do an off-the-shoulder look if I wanted.
IMG_9036The T-shirt came in only a week and was wrapped in a cute silver ribbon with a random piece of candy! Ranon who is from Southsea, UK is the original creator of the adorable Rocky the Zombie character. You can read more about her on her blog.

Have you seen cute cupcake clothing anywhere? I’d love to know!

Wreck This Journal #9

I avoided the journal for a while because I failed at finishing it all in December. I came to the realization that it’s not something I should necessarily set a deadline for because that isn’t the point in the journal. It’s an escape, a release and at the same time it’s supposed to be fun. It’s not a project that can have a deadline.

So I picked it up again with something easy first:

scribble scribble scribble

Inspiration in Colours

The other day I went with my sister to Staples because she needed some things for school. I realized my new Pacman journal had been lacking inspiration lately, stuck in a sort of writer’s block. Then I realized inspiration just like life isn’t black and white. I decided to make my journal as colourful as life and my thoughts are supposed to be.

Are you stuck in a rut with writing?

Perhaps, adding a little colour can spark that brain. Don’t worry, I’ll stick to coloured pens on paper. I think youd all stop reading if this blog had multicolour text.
Your life should be more than just black and white, a pop of colour anywhere whether it be pens, make-up, wardrobe can add a little twist in your life.

Or I could just be trying to find a crazy excuse to buy beautiful pens.

Photographer In Training

Ironically, this photo was taken with an iPhone

For Christmas, I received a brand new Canon 60D and an 18-135mm lens. I’ve already bought a billion filters and accessories for it. As well, I also got a book that explains all the different Canon lenses. I think this is the start of a new addiction. I have tested the camera and the colours on it are amazing even in low light. It is far superior than dad’s Canon Rebel which I have used in the past. I still have yet to leave the house and actually do some shooting though. I hope to share with you my progression as I find my style as a photography. You are warned though, by now you know I’m far too weird and diverse to settle on one thing. Be prepared to witness concerts, food and just the beauty of life through my lens.