I Ate a Pablo Cheese Tart

I finally tried a Pablo Cheese Tart because I was in the neighbourhood and didn’t see a long line. I didn’t realize that the tart that everyone’s been Instagraming is as big as a cake when you buy the full thing.

I got the original Freshly Baked Cheese Tart. I waited until I got home to have a slice but it traveled well and the filling melted in my mouth. I like the lemony top and the texture of the tart that doesn’t feel too heavy.

I’m not sure if I’d ever wait in line for one of these, but it was worth trying once!

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Stardust Crepe Cake @ Millie Creperie

I haven’t tried many foods in the latest charcoal craze, but I couldn’t resist the beauty of this Stardust Crepe cake at Millie’s. The presentation looks a little slice of the universe.

Taste wise, it was soft and flaky and melted in my mouth. The charcoal aspect is interesting, though I didn’t find that part stood out. The cake itself was moist in the right bites as each layer had a lovely cream. This was a limited edition cake, so I wonder what future beauties they will create.

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Oreo Cheesecake Balls


Are you a fan of Oreos and Cheesecake? Well you’d enjoy these easy to make Oreo cheesecake balls!


These are the only two ingredients you need. You can dip the balls in chocolate or candy but not mandatory.


First you take an entire box of oreos.


And grind it all up.


Then you put in an entire block of cream cheese and mix it.


Until it’s a consistent paste. Then you just form them into balls.


And stick them in the freezer to set. They make a rich, delicious snack!

Gelato @ La Vizziata

Hot days call for gelato so we hit up La Vizziata Gelateria & Dessert Bar for some dessert! They had a wide array of gelato flavours.


It was a difficult decision but I settled on a scoop of pistachio and one Stracciatella, which is a chocolate chip icecream. Their scoops are large and generous and gelato was smooth. We went for the gelato but next time we’ll try some of the other desserts too!
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Not too long ago I tried my first halo-halo. My sister’s boyfriend is Filipino and I’m always open to food from other cultures! Halo-halo literally means “mixed together” and that’s kind of the basic concept of this dessert drink. This particular one had taro ice cream, shaved ice, evaporated milk, cereal, jello, coconut and more.

I’m interested to know what other interesting drinks there are out there in other cultures. I’ve had mango lassis, Persian doogh’s but I’d love to drink/eat my way through other eclectic drinks. What do you recommend?

Sweet Weekend

DSCF1335It’s rare I have a weekend where I have nothing planned so I headed over to Market 707, where shipping containers were converted into restaurants and shops.

DSCF1338As my avid readers know, my friend Steph has a little café called Petit Nuage there that specializes in French macarons and cream puffs. For the summer, she even has a patio where you can enjoy tea and coffee (iced options available!).

DSCF1351 DSCF1352The inside of the shop has changed a bit since I last went.  There are now shelves with teas and other things for sale!

DSCF1349I enjoyed a piece of matcha tea cake on the patio. It was delicious and beautiful.

DSCF1354I also picked up half a dozen macarons which came in an adorable box with a print of kittens having a tea party. Naturally, I took photos of the macarons before eating them. Enjoy some photos below:








Desserts @ OCHO


My friend Melody and I recently stopped into Hotel Ocho for desserts and a drink. We are strangely similar people and we managed to order the exact same thing. A Raspberry Crême Brûlée with strawberries and shortbread. It was very delicious and had a sweet raspberry sauce to dip the cookie or spoon in!


It was also half price martini night, and I couldn’t resist ordering what was called I’m Sorry Your Face. Isn’t that a hilarious name for a cocktail? Anyways it was vodka, mango juice and sprite. It went down super easily.

While we didn’t have any of the meals yet, I can highly recommend the dessert and cocktail menu!
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Testing the Canon 85mm 1.2L II

After thinking about it for months, I finally purchased the Canon 85mm 1.2L II lens at Downtown Camera. It is currently on sale for $400 less in Canada at authorized retailers.

I also happened to have visted my friend Steph today, so I decided to test the new lens on her delicious pastries!
Cream Puff by Petit Nuage
Macarons by Petit Nuage
Nimbus Macaron by Petit Nuage
Macarons by Petit Nuage
Macarons by Petit Nuage

Macarons by Petit Nuage.

Photos: French Macarons and Cream Puffs from Petit Nuage

My friend Stephanie is the owner of a little dessert shop called Petit Nuage. She specializes in macarons with unique tea flavours. Yesterday I picked up a few in black sesame, oolong honey and cocoa chai chai. I also picked up a Salted Caramel cream puff. They were just as beautiful as they were delicious so I had a mini photoshoot with them!

French Macaron
Salted Caramel Cream Puff
French Macaron
French Macaron

Desserts Baked in Apples

The winter holidays means a lot of potlucks and dinner parties. If you need ideas for interesting twists on traditional desserts how about cheesecake or apple crumble baked inside apples?

IMG_3668I tried the Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples recipe from Creme de la Crumb. They are best eaten the day of and have a nice creamy texture.

IMG_3666Apple crisp inside apples is simple if you know how to make apple crisp already. Sautee apples with brown butter and cinnamon, stuff the apples, sprinkle with oats and voila!

Apples have been on sale lately and I’m constantly thinking of other creative ways to use them. Let me know what types of things you do with yours!