Burnout and Letting Your Days Guide You

For the past few years, before 2018, I blogged here almost every day. Then last year I got engaged and in November of 2017 we brought home Bacon.

The blog was left a bit neglected as I planned the wedding of my dreams.

And Bacon’s Instagram started to grow in ways I had never imagined.

I spend a lot less time recently and more offline at the dog park, hanging out with friends or family. I’ve been tweeting a lot less, though highly active on Bacon’s Instagram.

I felt less of the need to document life on the blog, and more to just live it. I’ll always love blogging, but I no longer feel the urge to do it every day. I started to burn out from doing that while trying to fill a day with activities and the result was the lack of recent posts. I felt the constant need to explain myself because of my self-imposed content creating goals which resulted in the lack of posts.

For now on, I’ll write when I am in the right mindset instead of just to fill the space.


How My Life Changed as a Puppy Mom

Teddy was our family first puppy, but he’s always been considered my sister’s dog when we moved out of our parent’s house.

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Iā€™m a supreme doggo #fashion

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When I moved out a few years ago, I really missed the constant companionship of a dog, but I wasn’t really in a financial or mental state to take care of one. My bachelor apartment was too small and I thought it wouldn’t fit into my social and musical life.

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Do you have a treat for us? šŸ˜šŸ˜¬

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When Nash proposed and we moved in together to a bigger space, we spoke about our future and our desires for a little dog. We always thought it would come after the wedding but as soon as I met Bacon, I was in love.

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I am half pretzel now #šŸ„Ø

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The 6 weeks we’ve been together so far has flown by and he’s already grown from the 4lb tiny doggy he came home as. The first couple of weeks I lacked sleep and was always anxious to get home to him. Now he sleeps much better and I know he does okay by himself at home.

I’ve spent a lot more time offline than I used to. It’s kind of easy to choose between being on my phone/computer and happily paying fetch with Bacon. I’ve also gone on more walks and seen parts of my own neighbourhood I would have never otherwise have visited and neighbours (and their dogs) we’ve never talked to. Together we’ve seen the sun rise and set many times.

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Snooooooze šŸ˜“šŸ¤¤#zzz

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When I am online, I find I use the time more efficiently. No more am I browsing around aimlessly. I usually have a specific task I have to do in a short time frame (when Bacon is calm or napping).

I can’t wait until the weather is warmer so we can see more new places and people. Here’s to more adventures in the New Year, which in 2018 is also the Year of the Dog!

Sometimes you just need to pet a dog

Having pets does totally calm me down when I’m anxious. It’s nice to have had an extended weekend with the family, where I could spend more time with Teddy.

Happy 6th Birthday Teddy!

I can’t believe Teddy turns 6 this year. He’s essentially grown up with this blog.

Though he lives in the suburbs with my parents and I’m downtown, I love that our family had our lives change for the better because of this little fluff ball. There’s no love as positive as that of a dog each time they see you.

Teddy’s Adventures

For those of you who love my dog Teddy, he has his own Instagram account! You can follow him at @bichonteddy.

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This white stuff is delicious

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Can I has? šŸ”

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Digging for treasure in bed

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Autumn Teddy 2

Here are some photos of Teddy I took on our autumn stroll with my iPhone 7 Plus. Here is the post with my DSLR for comparison.

In outdoor lighting this phone makes a killer camera.

img_5323 img_5327 img_5343 img_5350 img_5363 img_5385 img_5389 img_5391

Dog Therapy

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Best fluffball #dogsofinstragram

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This week I was having a major anxiety attack and couldn’t focus much on life. I decided to go home (to my parent’s) and spend some quality time with Teddy. Cuddling with a dog really helped calm me down.

Now I’m doing some very necessary blogging and work I was behind on!


Last weekend, I purchased this Pikachu costume from Teddy that is a bit too small..

Here are some hilarious photos of him looking miserable in it. He hates clothes.




Woofstock 2016


Every year our family attends Woofstock together. It returned to May, and was livelier than ever.


Teddy hung out with my friend’s Instagram famous Pom Pom Chewy! They instantly enjoyed each other’s company.

DSCF0261 DSCF0259 DSCF0256

Finally, we signed up for the VIP lounge in time and Teddy enjoyed a variety of swag and dog chairs:

DSCF0242 DSCF0239

My sister and I take this photo every year and I must say we never seem to grow up!


We also caught part of the beautiful dog show:

IMG_3824 IMG_3828 IMG_3838 IMG_3839 IMG_3848 IMG_3860 IMG_3868 IMG_3872 IMG_3877 IMG_3886

Here are some more random photos of dogs:

IMG_3899 IMG_3905 IMG_3902 DSCF0235

These two dogs were doing some jumping tricks.



Teddy enjoyed his Woofstock and making new friends.


And we came home with a giant haul!

I Met Pompomchewy!


Yesterday, I met Toronto Instagram celeb @Pompomchewy! I totally didn’t realize his owner is one of my old roommates from university.


He’s so tiny and adorably fluffy.


And loves to wear his clothes! He jumps when you open his clothes cupboard and assists you in putting on his clothes.


Funny outtake of him yawning.