Excerpts From My Dream Journal

I have a dream journal. When I first started it was by my bedside, and I wrote as soon as I woke up. Sometimes this was in the dark, so a lot of it is rather not legible. Now, I tend to write down the dreams that are so bizarre I remember them in vivid detail.

Anyways, the point is I have a journal for my dreams and here are some random excerpts. These are exact transcriptions of what I actually wrote so they are quite random and bizarre:

“Somebody was amused by a long half a chip”

“Dinner/drinks with highschool friends at a place that ran out of chocolate cake. Dan throws up funny and we all laugh. Karen was in dream too.”

“Mac DeMarco was doing my hair with clips. We were in high school. Someone stole my iPhone but left the case all wrinkled. Mom came to pick me up in a round area.”

“Me, Livia, Nash and his friends were going to get yogurt. Decide to check on our hampster who has a giant cage. He escaped and black guy stepped on it because it scared him. I text Livia but they went to yogurt already. Hampster named Hammy. I get mad at Pokemon flyer. Black guy gives me a hug.”

I don’t even know.

Adventures in Dream Journaling

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to write down or draw anything I could remember from my dreams in one of my Moleskine notebooks. I was semi-inspired to do this when my boyfriend started a Tumblr of literal visual representations of his dreams. I started off including the dates, but then I stopped for some reason and found it wasn’t really a necessary part of the journaling. I’m not sure what I expected to get from this but it will be something I will continue.. until I fill this Moleskine at least.

Kicking the Notebook Buying Addiction

Hi, my name is Tiana and I have a notebook addiction.

I was at the bookstore the other day with my sister because she needed to buy a notebook. She was there to buy one for a real reason, so she can keep record of some of her personal info and passwords. I stood in the notebook section itching to buy something. As I stood there, I realized why I’m so fascinated with buying notebooks. I’m consumed with trying to catalog the various aspects of my life. In the fast pace world we live in today, I always feel like I should write down my thoughts so that maybe I could come back to them later. It never happens though, so often I’m left with tons of empty notebooks. Sometimes I’ll begrudgingly use them for school, knowing that I’ll only buy more.

My ADD personality has made me buy almost all of the “Passions” lines of Moleskines, each one covering a different topic: food, books, music. I have ones for doodles, poems, stories. The majority of which are completely empty. When I walk into the bookstore, I’m so tempted the ones to grab the topics such as the ones that you can write about your dreams and anger in; or something to hold ticket stubs. I have to admit, the store is a bit evil for placing everything so in-your-face and noticeable. That’s how they make money right?

Reluctantly, the other day, I came out not buying a new notebook. I decided that if I really have the need to categorize my thoughts, than I can just blog about them here. It’s quick and easy and free, and someone’s actually reading it. So dear readers, of which there is probably like 5 of you, the near future will have articles of every topic. There also may a variety of randoms such as recipes, reviews, stories, poems and other personal projects. For once, I’ll actually start to write things down, just digitally.