The Face Shop: Photo Blur

I don’t wear much foundation and when I like to have a bit of coverage, BB cream is enough. I’ve been turning to Asian creams lately because they tend to blend really well. Also for some reason, they only ever come in one shade that is perfect.

It has a slight citrus scent that I don’t mind and the tube makes it easy to squeeze the right amount. It’s a non-greasy BB cream, so I do recommend moisturizing first if you don’t have oily skin. Some sites say it has SPF 37, but for some reason, that description has a faint white sticker on top of the packaging where it used to say that.

When I’m feeling extra conscious about my redness, I put a little on (it goes a long way) and I’m usually still good about 6 hours later. BB creams are definitely worth trying for those who don’t like foundation every day!