Facebook Messenger Instant Games 

Recently, Facebook announced HTML 5 games that you can play with your friends in Messengser.

When you are playing with one person the competition is friendly.

However, it can get intense in a group chat! It is definitely a bit more heated. I only hope that they will turn off notifications every time someone plays a game. I only want to know if you beat me!

Now time to play some word games.

My First Bunz Trade 

I finally got invited to Bunz Trading Zone, a secret Facebook group where people trade their useless stuff for things they need. No money is allowed. The philosophy behind it is that things aren’t really worth their money value if they are not being used. 

One of my first posts was for my Smithers minifigs. I wrote “Have 3 Smithers need to get rid of 2.” I got an overwhelming number of responses. It’s amazing how many people will reply if you post anything, even empty bottles. Your garbage is someone  else’s treasure. 


I traded one of the Smithers for this today. An Ionix Ash in the box. I wouldn’t have even know this existed if it weren’t offered to me. Now I can’t wait to build it!

The other Smithers trade will happen over the weekend along with something else. I am just so excited with the possibility of treasure trading! This is so much fun. 

Trimming the Fat (of My Online Presence)

I’m an early adopter of social media. I often join everything only to find out that things fall out of trend later. The “new Facebook” pops up every so often and everyone jumps on the ship only to fall overboard a few months later. Then there are the ones that do survive. What do you use? Should we be on all of them? I consciously decided that I don’t need to be.

If you asked me last year, I’d probably tell you that you should be on everything. In fact, I tried to be. It was exhausting. I even stuck on ello for way too long. I used chimed.in until it was dead. I saw the death of digg. I even used the “new Myspace” for longer than anyone else.

I’ve decided to trim a bit of my online fat. I can’t be on everything it is exhausting. I decided to use the platforms that work best for me. I keep trying to make Snapchat work for me, but it just doesn’t make sense in my life. I love Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Flickr and those will be my main platforms for now on. You’ll occasionally see a Periscope (I chose it over Meerkat) or a Vine. Google+ makes an appearance from time to time (I still get a ton of interactions there), but I feel like Google’s (or should I say Alphabet’s) recent changes will put the nail on that coffin soon.

It still looks like I post on many platforms, but most of those can be synced. Focusing on specific platforms now allows me to focus on creating better content and spend less time on my phone/computer and more time living.

Relationships in the Social Media Age

My best friend and I are both in somewhat new relationships and we have discussions on whether or not we should keep it private in the online world. I have to admit that I made things Facebook official with Nash the moment we started dating. The world knowing wasn’t a problem for us.

I think part of my desire to do this however stemmed from my past relationship with someone who was kind of deviant when it came to online activity. He would hide our relationship, flirt and cheat with girls he had met online. This is the negative aspect of relationships in the social media age. There are just terrible people out there. And the internet only makes cheating easier.

My best friend decided to not make her relationship Facebook Official and she was right to do so. It should be a private affair between two people, and the world doesn’t necessarily need to know, only those you both wish to tell. In addition, If you have any doubt of trust in someone, than you shouldn’t be together in the first place. The people who will cheat online would cheat in real life too.

Everyone doesn’t need to know the second you date, or end a relationship. We all know those people who change their statuses way too often for attention. It’s all personal preference, but not a necessity to decide to make things public.

The more I think about it now, I trust Nash with all my heart and although we’re both highly active in our own online outlets, I know I have nothing to worry about. Whether or not the world knows, shouldn’t affect us either way. We know how important we are to one another.

How do you feel about social media’s effect on relationships? I’d love to hear your stories.

Know Your Online Character

You probably read a lot of different articles that talk about the importance of content in gaining followers but nobody really talks about the importance of character and personality. I find the people I remember and engage with the most over social networks are those with amiable personalities. The tweets that were retweeted the most on my own feed are strangely also my own random thoughts or life happenings. Sure content is important, but knowing your online character goes a long way. It all really comes down to one question: What do you want to be known for?

Too Many Subscriptions

As you may or may not know, I LOVE my social networks. I’m on pretty much everything that anybody actually uses and I actually try to actively keep up with them. If I follow or list you on Twitter, I read about 75% of tweets that go through my timelines. Now with this Facebook timeline thing, I’m sort of doing the same on Facebook as well. I’m pretty much up to date on everything, so much that if you were to ever show me a new meme, I’ve probably already seen it hours or even days ago.

Facebook is a Reflex.. Not an Addiction

I swear, I’m not addicted to Facebook. It has become a reflex where I type an f into the address bar on Google Chrome and find myself staring at the blue and white pages that is Facebook. Sometimes I look at it just wondering why on earth I am there, most of the time there’s nothing exciting on it anyway. In the past 5 years, it has become such a frequent part of my life that it has become like a reflex every time a browser window is opened. Sometimes, I even open it when I already have a tab of it open elsewhere.

Who am I kidding? It is an addiction. In addition, now with all the strange new features I seem to be visiting it even more frequently. Whether it is because I am slightly OCD and need to filter out my new “timeline profile”, or to keep up with the twitter-like feed thing, I seem to be on it far more than I’d like to be. I mean, how else would I keep up with the people who I hardly ever talk to liking things constantly? That must be part of their evil plan.

I’m all for the evolution and updating of Facebook, we can’t stop it. We’ll complain every update but no matter what, we can’t seem to leave it.

Damn you Facebook, get out of my fingers.

Could You Give Up the Internet for $50 million?

Yesterday @ErikSchenn, @vseanv and @DonVandenheuve1 approached me with the question:

“How much money would it take you to give up the internet forever?”

I answered almost instantly, I couldn’t do it, not for all the money in the world. The internet has become something so ingrained in my life that it feels more than just a mere comparison to a cigarette addiction.

It is pretty amazing to think that if you asked me the question 10 years ago, I might have considered it. With the rapid growing technology of the world around us, you just can’t escape the internet, unless you buy yourself a huge mansion in the forest and cut yourself off from the rest of the world. But then, how would I discover new music? Communicate with people? Sure there are phones, but (aside from the fact I’m in a forest), I actually have friends that won’t answer their phones/texts but will reply almost instantly to a Facebook message or Twitter direct message.

Giving up just the social networks is hard let alone the internet itself. I’ve become attached to my twitter and made some great friends. Some of whom hundreds of miles away but have supported me and helped me obtain opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise such as concert tickets and press passes. Sure with a billion dollars I could visit these people, but then how would I contact them? Even with all this money to travel the world, what would happen after I’ve been everywhere?

WTF Is A Social Media Expert?

The answer to the question above is, there is no such thing. I always get the random people on Twitter who add me claiming to be social media experts but when you click on their profiles they have less followers than me and just look like spam. Then there is the random person in your life that claims to be one just because they know how to connect to Facebook and Twitter.

Really, there is no such thing as a “Social Media Expert”. The trends on what networks we will use change so fast. Remember the Chatroulette fad last summer? That faded fast. The truth is Social Media works differently for everybody. What you should be focused on is how to optimize its use for yourself rather than claiming to be an “expert” at something. I feel like having to claim to be a Social Media Expert is like those guys who have to post photos of their abs on Facebook to feel good about themselves.