I Miss My Own Cooking


In the past week, I’ve been so busy that I rarely have had time to sit down for more than half an hour at home let alone make a solid meal. I’m currently putting together some quick bacon and eggs as dinner. While those things are delicious, I do miss and crave a more thoughtfully cooked meal.

I want fresh vegetables, tenderly cooked meat, homemade soups. I can’t wait for the free day to cook a real meal.

So.. I Tried the McLobster

I was spoiled with lobster last week at Rock Lobster, so I thought I’d give the McLobster a try for fun. At $6.95 it wouldn’t be too bad of a price if it happened to be sub-par, right?

Except it was pretty un-lobstery. All I could taste was celery, chives and salt. I could see lobster (sort of) but it was covered in a thick salad dressing. It reminded me of a saltier version of a crab meat salad. I do question if it has imitation crab meat, but I failed to find the ingredients listed online. I thought legally they were required to do so, just in case someone has allergies.

Anyways, I also found myself quite thirsty after the roll. I ate that thing at 6. It’s now midnight and I still want to drink my sink.

I think I’ll redeem lobster again by going back to Rock Lobster and having their rolls.