What I Ate At Festival d’été


I was in Quebec for two days to attend Festival d’été. I explored food in the city a little bit (which I will post separately), but I did grab some food truck eats at the festival to continue my #tianaeatsfestivals hashtag.

Food trucks are still a relatively new thing in Québec, as they had local bylaws to change before they could have them, so there wasn’t a giant amount of choice. I did snag a bison grilled cheese sandwich from a nomadic truck called SAGA that was delicious.

On the second day, I had some Thai popcorn shrimp from a truck called Food Fighters 504.

It’s fun to see what food truck fare is like in different cities. The lines were super long for all of them. Here’s hoping more come to Quebec soon!

Food Field Trip 2016

Last weekend, I was at Field Trip! Like always, part of going to a music festival is experiencing all the food trucks that are there. Here’s what I had this year.

DSCF0367Margarita Pizza from Wood Fired Pizza.

Fried Chicken from The County General

London Fog popsicle from The Pop Stand. I also had a cherry bourbon one I took a selfie with:

Pad Thai Fries from Fidel Gastro‘s.

The Porknado from Fidel Gastro’s.

I get these Mac and Cheeseballs from The Food Dudes almost yearly!

I couldn’t resist the keylime pie from Buster’s Sea Cove. I’ve had it before but it really hits the sweet tooth.

They also had a caramel brownie one that was delicious but a little bit too sweet.

Oh and you can’t go to Buster’s without some seafood tacos. I had one octopus and one Ahi Tuna!

Lastly, Uncle Smoke served me some delicious ribs.

I can’t wait to eat street food at the next music festival. I found that after a few years of doing this, there’s very few places I haven’t eaten yet (until they allow more trucks to be licensed). Stay tuned for Bestival eats this upcoming weekend!

I Went on a Food Field Trip

Hot Bunz @ Field Trip 2014
Last week I attended Field Trip Music Festival for both days and since I wasn’t shooting it, I got to enjoy the music and of course, eat my way around. Here are some photos (from my camera and phone) of most of the things I tried.
Sandwich @ Field Trip 2014
Mac n Cheese Balls @ Field Trip 2014Reuben Sandwich and Fried Mac n’ Cheese Balls from Food Dudes.

Tacos @ Field Trip 2014Seared Ahi Tuna and Octopus tacos from Buster’s Sea Cove.

Popsicle Selfie @ Field Trip 2014A popsicle from Augie’s Ice Pops.

Hot Bunz @ Field Trip 20145 Cheese + Mushroom and Butter Chicken Hot Bunzz

Coffee @ Field Trip 2014Iced Coffee from Detour Coffee, which used to be the Manual Labour Coffee truck!

photo 1Fusion Pierogis from Saucy Pierogi.

photo 2Margherita Pizza from Bread Heads

photo 3“The Canadian” meat pie from Kanga

photo 4Mojito gelato fom Boreal Gelato

photo 5Bubble Cake with Icecream from Penny Lou Lou

In conclusion, the food was delicious and oh yeah, there was some awesome music too but I’ll talk about that somewhere else.

Food Truck Eats: Mississauga Edition Review

Ever since I’ve seen Food Network’s Eat Street, I have been waiting for gourmet food trucks to grace the streets of the GTA. I wanted something more than just the mere hotdog stand (not that those aren’t delicious too).

This year, Toronto started the Food Truck Eats events in the Distillery District. I had missed it in Toronto, but was lucky enough to hear that Mississauga was taking part on this event. They didn’t have quite the amount of trucks, but it was a blast!
I made an effort to try something from every food truck. I split everything with my boyfriend, and went to all the trucks starting with the savoury trucks from left to right. Then came back for the desert ones at the end. Everything was a bit pricey, ended up dropping atleast $50, but delicious novelty has a price.