Chef’s Plate

Last week, Nash and I tried out Chef’s Plate with 3 meals for two people. The ingredients came separately packaged in paper bags with the meats under ice packs which kept it all fresh until I came home from work.

Nash made 2/3 of the meals because I started working a different schedule and ending late. The first was a Lemon & Pesto Chicken Pappardelle pasta.

While he didn’t finely chop the spices, the pasta was super flavourful and delicious. I loved the textural addition of seeds. Who knew that making your own pesto could be this simple? I’m definitely keeping this recipe in mind for future pasta-making.

The second meal he made was a Shaoxing-style steak with a lot of Asian flavours. It was served with flavourful sweet potatoes, snap peas and green beans.

This was a tiny bit more complicated than the first, but our meat turned out perfectly cooked!

On my day off, I decided to do the final package. It was a blackened basa. I like that it came with veggies in a variety of colours.

For the first time, my fish was perfectly cooked and not stuck to the pan. The millet salad felt super healthy but was filling and the lime, mango and honey a nice sweetness against the paprika in the fish.

I enjoyed all my Chef’s Plate selections that week and hope to use it occasionally on lazy weeks. It’s fun and gives you a new arsenal of recipe ideas for the future. Sometimes you want to cook new things, but it’s much easier if you don’t have to pick up the groceries too!

Get 3 plates free if you use my link to sign up for Chef’s plate! or you can use my code #3platesFromtianafeng. Happy cooking!

Collecting Planets and Walking with Walkr

I love games that interact with my Step Count and I almost collected everything in Wokamon. I did a quick search for pedometer games and while there were many, Walkr looked the cutest.

The game uses your steps as energy to explore space and collect fun planets.

It looks like there are a million things to explore and upgrade so this will get me walking for a while!

nomakenolife- April 2017

I am obsessed with Asian products lately so I couldn’t resist trying a subscription of Japanese box nomakenolife. This month I received a box of 5 full sized must-have skin care products.

This Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip face wash I use daily. It’s gentle and a little bit turns into a soft lather.

The Derizum moisturizer has 15 types of amino acids, 8 ceramides and more and made my skin feel super soft, like a baby’s butt. Perhaps that’s why there is a photo of a baby on it. I don’t know.

Dot Free’s Deep Clay Mask was also gentle on my skin. It wasn’t drying and made my skin feel firmer.

Menturm’s Lip Dress was a lovely neutral lip balm that has SPF 12 sun protection. My lips feel soft when I use this.

The most mysterious item in the box was this melon gel thing. It is an all-in-one gel that functions as a toner, moisturizer, essence and make-up base. It’s kind of eerie because it looks like jello and when you scoop some out, the next day it looks like perfect jello again. I like to wear it under my make-up.

All these products I have implemented into my life. At around $30 (CAD)/month, it is a bit pricey but I can’t wait to see what I get for May!

Topbox – April 2017

Last month, I became a Topbox subscriber because it is relatively inexpensive at $12/month with free shipping. I opted for the eco-friendly version that came in a pouch instead of a box. It’s also a good size for community mailboxes.

I received 4 main items and two bonuses that weren’t announced as part of the box.

One of the extras was this Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb. Can’t wait to add this into my pile of daily masks.

I usually don’t like receiving hair products in my cosmetic subscriptions because I find they are the least exciting thing but this dry shampoo by Cake I really enjoyed. It doesn’t leave a gross white residue and it also smelled delicious. It brought life to my greasy hair many times.

I already have a Too Faced Benefit Mascara in my collection but it’s a good one to have a back up for!

This Bliss Energizing Vitamin C Day cream makes my skin feel super smooth without feeling greasy. There’s a citrusy tinge. I almost wish there was more of it!

Lastly there was a Laritzy lip pencil in Moonlit Mauve. Laritzy is a company that prides itself in being cruelty-free. The pencil is infused with plan oils and it seems possible to just wear it on it’s own without any lip stick. Since it’s not technically a liner, I think this is allowed!

I liked all the April TopBox samples so I think I’ll continue being a subscriber. My make up collection is getting somewhat ridiculous but a girls’ gotta have some kind of vice!

Sign up for Topbox with my referral link and get $5 off Limited Edition boxes:

Sailor Moon Socks

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Sailor Moon + crew protecting my feet 🌙

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This is my favourite new Amazon find: Sailor Moon socks! I was super lazy to do laundry this week so I looked into ordering socks and ended up with these cool ones.

Easter Long Weekend!

I don’t really celebrate Easter unless you count buying discount chocolate when it’s over. I’m just happy I have an extra day of the weekend to unwind (and play my Nintendo Switch).

I also get to experiment with more fun looks on my days off. Here is one I liked from last weekend:

I liked it enough to use it as my avatar on some of my social media. I’m trying to use some of those makeup sets before fate brings more into my life.

Pokemon Jumper

When I ordered my Pikachu backpack, Japan LA also sent me a free Pokemon Jumper as part of a promotion. It’s like the comfiest and most random thing, but going to the washroom in one of these is still a mystery.

I Went to Ripley’s Aquarium!


I went to Ripley’s Aquarium for the first time on Thursday. I won tickets from a contest that I didn’t actually enter (I used a hashtag for a music festival and unknowingly won stuff).

Anyways, here are some photos of exotic fish and the inner world of Ripley’s.


We Brought a Pug Into Galleria Mall and Saw Snakes

This is Lana in a bag.

Last weekend, my friends and I snuck a pug into Galleria Mall. We really wanted to go take a photo with Galleria Santa Claus and see this snake show going on. How those two things relate, or why someone decided that snakes was appropriate as a Christmas activity I will never know.

Anyways there really was snakes in the mall:

img_6220 img_6216 img_6211 And this very unimpressed looking snapping turtle.

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These little girls are my heroes lol

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We saw these adorable little girls who really wanted to touch all the snakes. They are braver than we were.

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I'm in these photos I swear

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We attempted a 3 person + pug photo booth but I came as darkness in the background.

A real Santa photo did happen but not in the sad Gallery castle that I wanted. He happened to be in the Reimagine Galleria centre.

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I look like I am going to burn down your house

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Anyways, Galleria Mall is such a special place and I really hope that they keep the small businesses, and the unique qualities that make it memorable.


Tidbits of My Weekend

After I clocked out of work on Friday, my weekend was pretty insane. So here are some random social snapshots!

First we went to a holiday party and stayed up super late karaoking:

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Holiday party photos with the bf ❤️

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The next day I was on a team live tweeting the Canadian Folk Music Awards. We had some awesome feedback.

My teammate and I found some fancy chairs to sit in.

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We found some royal chairs to sit in

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Then I went for dinner with grandma and her nursing home had these cute Christmas displays.

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Chilling with Santa 🎅

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How was your weekend?