Simpsons x Pokemon GO

Omg, I’ve been catching up on new Simpsons episodes over the weekend and I’m quite obsessed with the silliness of their Pokémon GO parody (which they call Peekimon Get). I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until now!

Check out a compilation of footage below:

I Turned 29 Today!

My week was already exciting enough, but I also turned 29 today! On both Facebook and Twitter, I asked people to send me dog and or Simpsons gifs instead of generic messages.

I had tons on Facebook! It made my day.

Now I will accept them here in the comments too if you have any!

Simpsons Books Never End

I’m still continually finding new books in episodes of The Simpsons! Here are more of my favourites:

Adventure Time Lego


The second that I saw this Lego Adventure Time set existed I just had to order it. At the moment it’s only available at the Lego Store.


It was brought to life by a lot of Lego Ideas votes. It’s so cool that there is a site where you can submit your own ideas and if people like them they can become real sets.


The set was separated into 3 bags with 2-3 characters in each.


They were fairly easy to build so I did the whole thing in one go.


My favourite was Ice King because I loved the details of the jewel in his crown and the snowflakes in his hands.


Lady Rainicorn was a fun build with a bendable body.


Since they aren’t mini figures they were larger than I expected, so had to make more room on the shelf! This is definitely a must-have set for a Lego & Adventure Time fan.

More Funny Simpsons Books

Here are some more funny Simpsons books from my Tumblr!

Dollarama Review: Insta Peel

I haven’t done a Dollarama Review in a while, but I thought this thing would be worthy of one. After all, it is described as the revolutionary concept in peeling!


I mean for $3 how could I resist right?  It promised to make my carrot peeling mess free. 


Here is what it is like. Giant carrot to scale. It takes up a lot of room. I don’t think the handle part needed to be that thick. or long.


Anyways, I tested it on the carrot. It was dull. It was also hard to aim where you were peeling, so it took me a long time to actually peel the carrot. I found the carrot shavings also tend to jam the already shitty blade, so every once in a while I need to scrape it.

Sorry Insta Peel, you are not revolutionary.


People kept sharing this gif today and it is like triggering so much anxiety and OCD. How does this gif make you feel?


Last weekend, I purchased this Pikachu costume from Teddy that is a bit too small..

Here are some hilarious photos of him looking miserable in it. He hates clothes.




Don’t Let Go Of The Potato

Since I am currently in northern Quebec, I’m being immersed in French. I’ve taken French classes of some sort until I was 22, so I have a decent comprehension of the language but since it’s not a daily thing, I have to think a bit before I can form a sentence as a reply. Being in a place where you’re required to speak is actually helping a lot. Learning or keeping a new language is definitely easier if you can use it practically!

Anyways, there are some things that becherelle’s and dictionaries can’t teach and that is phrases and sayings. My favourite so far is “Lâche pas a la patate”, which in English literally translates to “Don’t let go of the potato”. However, it is a funny way to say “Don’t give up”.


Simpsons Books

I seriously couldn’t believe that this wasn’t already a thing so I made this Tumblr.