New Pokemon Gym Update

I love the new Pokemon gym update. They now function as Pok├ęstops, have a new battle and reward system. In addition, this new thing called “raids” happen at them occasionally.

I’m more motivated to play the game actively again and to go on more walks. Time to go catch ’em all.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

I’m addicted to Puyo Puyo Tetris lately! It’s a mix of both games and new modes. It’s crazy how fun both classic games still are like a million years later.

I like the online competitive mode but whenever I get paired up with someone from Japan the match is rather frightening! There are some games where I can survive a long time and win, others that I’ll lose in less than 30 seconds. I guess I have to sharpen my skills more.

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Let's be switch friends ~ #nintendoswitch

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Add me on your Switch and maybe we can play sometime!

Tetris Cushions


My couch needed some cushions so I decided to order these Tetris blocks from ThinkGeek. A set of 5 costs $99, which is on the pricier side but it’s such a unique statement piece. I considered making them but the materials alone would’ve costed me around the same.

They are super comfy and huggable and now I can play Tetris irl.

Gimme All Your Friend Codes

Nash gave me my Christmas present early. I was surprised with a new Nintendo 2DS and a copy of Pokemon X! I’ve been wanting to play the game since I heard about its existence but buying a system for it wasn’t in my budget for now.

The 2DS is the budget version of the 3DS but I’ve played Nash’s and always ended up turning down the 3D after a few minutes. I found the stereoscopic 3D to be a little headache inducing so the 2DS was actually perfect for my needs. It’s a little bit weird how it doesn’t flip, but holding it is actually comfy. The system itself is light and the L & R buttons are easier to press than the 3DS. The size is around 2 iPhone 4S placed beside each other.

Though it can’t display the stereophonic 3D, there are still two cameras on the back for taking 3D images that can be viewed elsewhere. It hasn’t affected my gameplay of Pokemon at all, I’m loving it!

If you have a 2DS/3DS let me know your code and I’ll add you. Mine is: 3926-5891-9582. Now back to becoming a Pokemon master.

Loot Crate- August Edition!

It’s time for another Loot Crate unboxing! This week’s theme was CAKE in celebration of Loot Crate’s 1 year anniversary.

I made this unboxing video as the next instalment of my vlogs for all those that like to watch videos instead of read!

IMG_3737I don’t watch Walking Dead but my character in these Funko blind boxes is super adorable. I’m sure you fans out there can recognize who she is.

IMG_3735It’s not a Loot Crate without some Loot Crate stickers.

IMG_3733I am now a scientist in Portal’s Aperture Laboratories with this lanyard, tattoo and bracelet.

IMG_3734My favourite item from this month is this caffeine molecule T-shirt! They accidentally sent me a medium, but that’s okay. It would actually make a great gift for Nash who’s been sleepless with work. Also in the box was a $5 coupon for more shirts at Shirt Woot, so I can go order some more cool novelty tees. I’ve been browsing through their catalogue and I kind of want EVERYTHING.

IMG_3736A birthday party has to have some candy of course. I wish they included like 10 more packages because I ate it in two seconds.

Sign up in this link and the code SEPT at checkout for a 10% discount:

Loot Crate- July Edition!

I get excited every month when my Loot Crate arrives. It will be the closest thing I’ll ever have to Christmas in July (or every month for that matter). This month’s theme was Varsity

IMG_5027Star Wars headphones from Jazwares came at random. I got Darth Maul but other characters included Darth Vader, Yoda, and C3PO. Let’s be thankful Jar Jar wasn’t an option.

IMG_5033This month’s crate was in partnership with Video Game Highschool. Therefore, it was quite appropriate to include the 2 disc DVD of Season 1 and a pencil for back to school sake.

IMG_5025There was also this VGHS button set.

IMG_5026The stickers this month included a storm trooper + VGHS mashup and the Rocket Jump logo.

IMG_5030I totally forgot PEZ existed. What a blast from the past! Loot Crate randomized the MARVEL edition of the PEZ dispensers. I got Thor. Anybody want to trade for Wolverine?

IMG_5031Lastly there was this Sonic air freshener with a smell appropriately labelled “Sonic Breeze”.

Loot Crate is like a nerdy box of stuff delivered to your mail box every month. I do buy all my crates and it’s a little bit pricier in Canada ($29.99) as opposed to the US price of $19 (shipping included). If you’d like to sign up for Loot Crate, please use the referrer link below:

Anomia, Topple, Carmen Sandiego, Labyrinth Board Games

game6Another day at Snakes and Lattes led to more board game adventures. This time there was four of us, which opened up more possibilities and challenges.
game7In The aMAZEing Labyrinth players pushed the maze in different directions until they could reach all their treasures. The funny part about this game was that the treasure cards and the ones on the board sometimes looked nothing alike.

Like the TV show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? you solved crimes by answering geography questions. I suck at geography but some of the questions were obvious and the board (which was a map) definitely helped.
We couldn’t figure out how to play Pairs in Pears because the instructions were gone. Even after we looked it up on our phones I still think we played wrong because as we chose our 26 tiles none of us had enough vowels to make any words!
game8Topple is pretty self-explanatory and none of us ended up toppling it over. So do we all win?
game3My favourite discovery of the day was Anomia, the card game. Players took turn flipping over cards from the deck. If we had symbols that matched we had to yell a thing related to what the card said. For example if it said “Seafood” the opposing player with the same symbol had to name a seafood. The player who collected the most cards won. It was hilarious when players pointed to the matching card but couldn’t get the right word out!

The Future of Virtual Worlds

What would it be like if we were more obsessed with a virtual reality than our own? This is what Ernest Cline explores in his novel Ready Player One.

Presently we have small virtual worlds in the form of MMORPGS such as Warcraft, Everquest and Minecraft but Cline takes it further with OASIS (Ontologicaly Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation), an online world that encompasses new worlds and the fictitious ones we know from movies, games and memories. The year is 2044 and the world has run out of oil supply and faced with poverty. The world inside OASIS, where one could be who or what they wanted, became more appealing than the everyday world.

I wonder what the future of virtual worlds will be like for us. There are already people where Warcraft or Second Life takes up most of their lives. In the OASIS, making money online was synonymous with making money in real life. There was even the option to go to school online and students forced through software to pay attention. In 2010, Woodbury University in California tried to do something similar in Second Life but was banned by Linden Labs.

The OASIS Cline created was more than a game. It was a place to chat, browse the web, read books, explore and interact with many worlds without ever leaving your house. All you needed was a pair of gloves, the visor and the console. It may seem like it will be quite some time before we reach that type of technology but Google Glasses will soon be a reality.

As our world becomes increasingly more plugged in, I can only wonder what life will be like 30 years from now.

I Haven’t Been To The Science Centre in 10 Years

Yesterday Nash, my cousin William and I went to the Ontario Science Centre to check out the Game On 2.0 video game exhibition. The exhibit, located on the level 6 of the Science Centre featured vintage game art, pinball machines and of course playable games.
One of my favourites was Space War. The premise of the game was there were two space ships controlled by two players. I really liked the sounds and the shiny lights that the ships used as bullets. The three of us also spent a great deal of time playing Gauntlet (which I forgot to photograph), a hilarious 1985 hack and slash where we could play as a warrior, wizard, valkyrie or elf. The most entertaining part of the game was the game voice that announced things such as “Your wizard is about to die” or “Don’t Shoot the Food”. All the games in the exhibit were free to play so we continued the game until we got stuck in a maze.
Tron had the coolest music, but we had no idea how to play the game. Most of our lives were lost in less than five seconds. Thank god we weren’t wasting quarters!
I forgot that in Donkey Kong if you fall down the holes, you die.
They had this Virtusphere thing that sadly wasn’t opened to public yet. We talked to the staff and they said it was a virtual gaming simulation that was to open in April. The sphere was to simulate walking in a game.
Here are some other games and things we saw in the exhibit:

After we were all gamed out we ventured through the rest of the Science Centre in no particular order. Here are some photos:

We’re all in our 20s and probably a bit too old to be there, but we still had a ton of fun walking around.

Board Games: Blokus 3D, Q-Bert and Formula D

Here’s another round of interesting board games from Snakes and Lattes.

Blokus 3D Game was 3 dimensional take on the original game of Blokus. The difference was that in this game you had to touch the sides of one of your blocks (where as in the original you can’t) while building the required 3D shape.

The game comes with a few templates of 3D things to build and diagrams of how they look depending on the amount of participants. The object of the game: to get rid of all your blocks. The challenge came when building the 3D object, not all pieces were the right fit.

Next we found this Q-Bert Board Game. It dates back to 1983, and totally looks that way.

The goal of the game was to take turns being Q-Bert and getting more pegs than your opponent. Your opponent played all the nasty characters such as Coily, Slick, Ugg, green and red balls. The game was complete with flying discs that would take Q-Bert to safety.

I grabbed a random racing game called Formula D.

The game worked like a regular roll-the-dice and move type of game except with cars on a road. It also involved shifting gears and protecting your car parts from dying. There were enough pieces for up to 8 players. The first one to get to the finish line, or the last to be destroyed was the winner.

That’s all for now, I’m sure I will explore some more board games soon!