New Pokémon iPhone Case

I tore my previous iPhone 7 Plus Gameboy Case. I took the opportunity to buy a new one on eBay. I always loved the Pokémon Gameboy Colour from the 90s and I thought that would be the perfect look.

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Got a new phone case ~ 😺#pikachu

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Glovely Touchscreen Gloves


My boss gave me a pair of glovely touch screen gloves for Christmas! Maybe he thinks I am on my phone too much (sometimes). These are awesome. The entire glove is touch screen compatible (not just the tips like most gloves). They also have a little magnetic logo to keep both gloves together for all the clutsy people who lose gloves (me).

Last but not least, the tag is even a microfibre glove. Now I can stay warm while I tweet and blog this winter.

Pokemon at McDonalds!

I remember when I was a kid, I would go to Burger King or McDonalds, which ever one would have Pokemon toys and try to collect them all. I can’t believe they are back again. I can’t believe such a franchise has been popular across different generation of kids.

The toys are much cooler now! I even received a holographic Pokemon card with it. Kids nowadays get it so much cooler.

Tetris Cushions


My couch needed some cushions so I decided to order these Tetris blocks from ThinkGeek. A set of 5 costs $99, which is on the pricier side but it’s such a unique statement piece. I considered making them but the materials alone would’ve costed me around the same.

They are super comfy and huggable and now I can play Tetris irl.

My First Atomic Lollipop



Nash and I attended our first ever Atomic Lollipop this past Friday and Saturday. It’s a unique convention that was a mixture of Comicon, Anime North with the 90s mixed in.



DSCF1618There were many stores and shops with cute things to buy.

DSCF1624A game room with video game consoles from all eras including duck hunt (which we were super terrible at). I still can’t understand how to aim.

DSCF1627Friday night, they brought to life the Much Video Dance parties of my high school days. Later in the night, it filled up with the people dancing to the music of their childhood. I saw videos from the Venga Boys, Eiffel 65 and Chumbawamba.


DSCF1634Areas of the science centre were open to us so we played around with this age testing machine.

DSCF1636Nash checking out a hologram heart.


DSCF1664There was a nerd circus where the performers all cosplayed!


DSCF1688We participated in a POG tournament. Do you remember pogs? The real game was harder than I remembered! We got crushed by a girl who could flip the entire stack at once.




The hilariously costumed Tupperware Remix Party provided soundtracked a glittery dance party.

DSCF1721Ghetto Mario Kart was the best. It was literally RC cars with knives and balloons taped together. Let’s try this at home.







DSCF1741There were so many adorable things to buy! I picked up this adorable food bracelet. How could I not??


DSCF1738There was free retro arcade games and pinball machines. That Star Wars pinball was super hard.


DSCF1746This guy truly gave crap advice.

DSCF1747Cold brew coffee paired well with the hot weather.




DSCF1763We played archery tag. It was my first time trying archery and I wasn’t very good at aiming but it was so much fun! They provided us with 10 minutes of training before we were headed off for a game of tag with 10 people.


DSCF1770Nash sat on a panel where he was a Pokemon master and described how to draw a Pokemon to someone who has no idea what they looked like.

DSCF1773Can you guess what Pokemon these guys are?


DSCF1783There was a nerf gun battle on Saturday night. Unfortunately we didn’t bring any guns but we observed people shooting each other for a bit.

Saturday’s evening entertainment included Elijah Wood DJing with his duo Wooden Wisdom.





Then one of my 90s dreams came true and I saw Prozzak reunite! REMEMBER PROZZAK?!








Before heading out we saw the fire circus performance which thankfully waited for all the Prozzak fans to be done!




Atomic Lollipop was truly a magical experience and I’m looking forward to what adventures they’ll bring next year.

Off to Fuchsia City

I learnt about Very Cool Shirtz through Ryan Hemsworth. When they released this Fuchsia City tee from Pokemon I thought I had to have it! I’m at Atomic Lollipop this weekend and it’s totally appropriate wear.

Batman is Unimpressed #4

Batman is at it again..

Batman is Unimpressed #24
Batman is Unimpressed #23
Batman is Unimpressed #22
Batman is Unimpressed #21

Batman is Unimpressed Pt. 3

Happy Chinese New Year weekend. Batman is still unimpressed…
Batman is Unimpressed #15
Batman is Unimpressed #16
Batman is Unimpressed #17
Batman is Unimpressed #18
Batman is Unimpressed #19
Batman is Unimpressed #20

Loot Crate- December 2013 Edition

December’s Loot Crate will be the final I’ll receive for a while. After too much holiday spending, I had to unsubscribe for the time being, until I have more extra income. Here’s what was inside! You can also watch my video unboxing here.

IMG_1303This month’s theme was Console Wars. Looks like things are still peaceful in this magnet of retro game controllers holding hands.

IMG_1300Every fighter needs some energy right? They gave some to us in the form of “Energems” bite sized mint chocolates. 3 of them apparently equals one energy drink. They also threw in a coupon for $1 off in case we need to recharge.

IMG_1307The more random (but awesome) of the items was the Tin-tastic activity kit from Funko. Inside each tin are stickers, pencils and erasers (mine are in the shape of Iron Man). The tin also makes great storage for any weird collectibles you might have.

IMG_1304I’m sure you’ve all experience the thing where your controller pads have fallen out leaving something that occasional cuts your thumbs. Well Grip It provided the solution to those problems with these mini pads.

IMG_1305Catbug and Impossibear look like they’re ready for war in this sticker.

IMG_1302So you can identify as a geek/gamer.

IMG_1311Last but not least is my favourite item, this mashup of Star Wars and the Console Wars idea. It’s so perfect for the theme.

You can get your own crates here! Use the code LOOT2014 for $3 off.

Loot Crate- November 2013 Edition

On Friday I received my November Loot Crate! As a Canadian looter, this was the first time it arrived before the month was over and any spoiler newsletters were sent out. This box was particularly heavy. You can watch my video unboxing here or read about the items below.

IMG_0849 The theme of the month was Celebrate, which was appropriate since the Holiday seasons are upon us.

IMG_0848This month looters received random sets of playing cards. Mine happened to the Bicycle Guardians set. The dark colours make them the perfect mystery for magic tricks. Originally I thought they were inspired by Magic the Guardian, but they are based on ancient scriptural art.

IMG_0847It wouldn’t be a celebration without balloons and Loot Crate had us covered with this Tardis design. There was also this matching sticker, to turn every space into a public phone booth.

IMG_0850The most mysterious thing was the BFAST Shake. It’s the new breakfast on the go.

IMG_0846 Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BATMAN! Mighty Wallet provided this interesting origami-made wallet. I can’t believe it’s made out of a single sheet of paper.

IMG_0851A party is not a party without music, and speakers to play them on. This month’s crate included these adorable South Park ones at random and I received Cartman.

IMG_0854Loot Crate came through with their promise of bubble wrap. They were to protect this last item, a literal shot glass. A proper celebration needs some drinks!

I’m excited for the December one (it is Christmas after all). It’ll probably sell out like last month but you can still sign up at: with $3 off!