Things I Used Up: July 2018

It’s been a while, but I’ve been so busy with August, I almost forgot about my July post for the things I used up. Luckily, I haven’t been accumulating too many lately as I’ve slowed down the shopping for myself. I think I shop way more for the dog now!

In July I ended up giving away a few products that I thought would benefit the receiver more than I:

  • Lamella doll eyeliner
  • Mini Poni Miniso Magic Candy Lip Tint – Raspberry
  • Benefit 15 hour primer sample
  • Body Shop Mango Soap
  • Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Charcoal Mask
  • Hello Kitty Cherry Blossom Mask
  • Body Shop Vegetarian Expert Face Mask
  • L’Oreal Hydra Genius Essence Sample

And Here are the things I used up:

Thing I Used Up: May 2018

Oh my, it seems like the last time I posted was the last post of this series! A month passes by so fast. I finally have Fridays off for the summer, so hopefully, I can catch-up on some blogging. I have a lot to post about! But first to keep my de-cluttering resolution, here are the things I used up in May:

  • Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Eyeliner
  • The Face Shop The Solution Smoothing Face Mask
  • Nars Orgasm / Laguna Duo (panned a few months ago but wearing thing, so time to go!)
  • Be a Bombshell Some Beach Lip Crayon
  • Tony Mony x Bart Simpson Jeju Volcanic Lava Nose Strip
  • Dr Belmeur Skin Sync Ex Daily Repair Sample
  • Tony Moly Vital Vita 12 Synergy Serum Sample
  • Raccine Delicare Soothing Mask
  • The Face Shop The Solution Pore Care Face Mask

Thrown Away

  • Revlon Instafix Highlight Stick (broken)
  • Sephora Makeup Palette (estimated it’s from 2007, so getting old!)

Things I Used Up: March 2018

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I just got married the past weekend, so it’s been a whirlwind few months. I’ll have a full post on that later when I get my official photos!

Here are some things I used up this Month! I used a lot of masks and moisturizers because I wanted my skin to be perfect for the special day.

  • Laneige water bank moisture cream (mini)
  • Llang On the Skin Truffle Sheet Mask
  • Belif the true cream moisture bomb (sample)
  • Juice Beauty Stem Celluar Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer (sample)
  • SNP Grapefruit Gelato Brightening Mask
  • Soft Miracle foot peeling pack 
  • Spongelle Bulgarian Rose
  • The Face Shop the Solution Firming Face Mask
  • The Face Shop x Bart Simpson Juju vocanic lava nose strip
  • The Face Shop the Solution Brightening Mask

Things I let go of:

  • Sonia Kashuk Texture Taupe 08 eye shadow (gave it to mom)
  • SNP Grapefruit Gelato Brightening Mask x 2 (for the bridesmaid)
  • Various samples and minis for my wedding emergency kit!

I might have missed a few things in the hustle, but I’ll continue trying to track and use up more products. I have however acquired a few more beauty related things since the last post, so I’m not using things fast enough!


Spark Planning My Life

I added little tabs so I could keep track of months.

I love notebooks, but I’ve always been really bad with filling them in. I found a lot of planners didn’t guide life in a valuable way. Often they were full of schedules denoting what you are doing at every hour every day. The hours where you had nothing plan would just be a waste of half a sheet of paper. I gave up on purchasing daily planners for the past couple of years until I stumbled on and Kickstarted the Spark Planner for 2016.


It begins with defining a 2016 theme and having a space to brainstorm all the things I want to achieve this year. There’s even a space to mark the dates you make those achievements on the next page. I decided that my main theme for this year is to be Brave & Creative. I’m still defining some top goals but I jotted down some weird ones.


Along with your regular monthly calendars there is what is called a “Weekly Outlook”. I love this because you can plan your days without defining every single hour (a thing which I obviously hate). This gives you a general guideline of things you want done and is actually far more motivating. Plus, if you have nothing to write they make good doodle boxes.


There’s also a weekly goals page and space to reflect and celebrate. Occasionally there are also random reflection questions that you can answer in point form or write an essay if you really wanted to.

I’m super excited for this journal and know that it will help me be the best me that I can be in 2016!

A Year Without Limitations

Happy New Year! Last year was a blast, and I learnt a lot from it. This year, I decided that I will not make any resolutions or set any strange time-sensitive challenges. Last year on my birthday I wrote a list of 25 Things to Do Before I’m 25 but they were completely unrealistic goals in a year that has proven to be one of my busiest. Most of those things individually would have probably taken a year to do so and being completely unemployed in the process. Attempting to plow through them made things seem like a must-do task, a chore, rather than something meant to be enjoyable.

This year will be focused on just exploring new adventures as they come. Books are meant to be read and absorbed in their own time. New food experiences stumbled upon sometimes accidentally. Life should not be rushed and that will be the theme for this year. I do promise to share all these things with you and write more posts here!

25 Things To Do Before I’m 25

I started this year with the idea that I would do 30 day challenges each month. I quickly realized that they were not for me. There are people out there that have lived fulfilling lives by challenging themselves every day for 30 days, with something different every month. However, in my active and busy life, it became more chore of a chore than a way to inspire and improve my way of life.

Instead I am making a list of goals and fun things to do before I turn 25. Me and my best friend value the word goals instead of resolutions because it sounds realistic and attainable. Here is my list of various learning experiences and adventures to go on before I turn 25:
in no particular order

  • Listen to all 1000 albums in the book, 1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die by Tom Moon. What’s in this book ranges from things everybody knows to some really ethnic and obscure things.
  • Finish Wreck This Journal. I’m close to half-way done, but I really want to finish it so I can buy the rest of Keri Smith’s books!
  • Reunite with my best friend. She moved back home to New Brunswick when we graduated university. However I hope to visit her there or meet her halfway, perhaps at Osheaga!
  • Get to Level 25 in Prolobe Ear Training Program
  • Read 25 Books and blog about what I’ve learned from them
  • Finish the Google Adwords Certification Program
  • Redesign Ride the Tempo
  • Go on a burger inspired road trip. I just really want to visit the places they mention on the Food Network.
  • Do the CN Tower Skywalk. Anybody wanna go on a walk outside the CN tower with me?
  • Fill my dream journal and reflect on it.
  • Organize a show with artists featured on the music blog
  • Do something athletic. I have to admit that I’m the least active little person in the world.
  • Play 25 new songs on the piano
  • Interview 25 musicians 4 down 21 to go.
  • Get 250 subscribers on Youtube
  • Defeat 25 iOS games
  • Meet 25 new people
  • Eat 25 new things
  • Move to downtown Toronto. I miss the excitement of living downtown!
  • Buy a new wallet. I have had the same wallet since grade 9. It’s pretty broken and manly looking, but for some reason I have never been inclined to buy a new one.
  • Go to a casino. Don’t worry I know my limits! I just have never been to one.
  • Crochet something useful
  • Build an online portfolio site
  • Attempt to write a song
  • Do something inspired by somebody I don’t know This one is out in the open.

Turning 24 is Weird

Do I look anywhere near 24???

I turned 24 on Friday and am rather indifferent to it, or at least I like to think I am. Am I turning old? I certainly don’t feel it, or look it, I’d hope. However, on my birthday I went to purchase some liquor at the LCBO and did not get carded. I always get carded. I had wanted to get carded on my birthday so I could be like Hah! I am actually turning 24 today! Maybe it was the fact I was taking out my Air Miles card. Who under 19 has an Air Miles card?

While I ponder turning 24, it certainly doesn’t feel that much different. Maybe I’m sleeping earlier than I used to, eating less candy. Actually, no I’m not. I didn’t have a party this year though. I spent my day of birth having dinner with my best friends and then attended a concert. I found it far more exciting than a drunken bender that I wouldn’t remember and would be still recovering from. I had many of those in my early 20s but the appeal has kind of disappeared.

As I ponder the future, I don’t actually want to grow up that fast. People around me are getting married, starting families but I still have dreams to fulfill and goals to meet before then. I’m not ready to know where my story ends, as I’m still adventuring in it.