Miniature Burger Kit by Happy Kitchen

IMG_7392-EditI couldn’t resist when I saw this miniature burger kit by Kracie’s Happy Kitchen when I was at Pacific Mall.

IMG_7393IMG_7395 IMG_7394
As always, the instructions were entirely in Japanese so I colour matched all the packages.

IMG_7396There were many packages of powders and I actually did it wrong at first because there were many orange ones. I ended up having to compare the text on the packaging with the instructions instead. The set needed the microwave to form the fries, bun and patties.

The result was a set that resembled a miniature McDonalds meal and strangely tasted like it too! The fries were salted, burgers meaty and soft drink fizzy. It was strange yet fascinating at the same time.

IMG_7403You can watch me make the burgers in my vlog.

Miniature Candy Cupcakes and Donuts

We were in T&T Asian Supermarket and found sets of these things that made instant candy versions of food. There was everything from candy ramen to random things like dinosaurs but we chose to do cupcakes and donuts because they seemed the most fun to decorate