Living in A Dream

I downloaded this photo app called Beauty Plus and I can’t stop playing with it. It’s from the makers of Meitu, with a slightly better interface.

I was playing around with it today and look how dreamy it made us look:

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Good day for ice cream ~

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Dreamy brunch date ūüėć

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Time to make my life look like a dream.

Magikarp Jump

I just downloaded the goofiest game on my phone called Magikarp Jump! As a Pok√©mon lover, I couldn’t resist something themed around the most useless Pok√©mon of all!

The game is pretty strange, the premise is to train Magikarps to jump higher and higher. It’s almost like a more adorable version of those fish collecting games, except really you are just collecting Magikarps.

Instagram Best 9 of 2016

I did the 2016 Best 9 thing for Instagram and all my most liked photos seem to be rather solitary activities like listening to vinyl, the dog, landscape and of course selfies. Only 2/9 are concert related photos which was super surprising!

I’ve had an eventful 2016 and I hope 2017 will be even better!

Tracking the water I drink 

I have been embracing wearables and finding fun health things to track.

Something I often lack in my day is water so I am trying the Waterminder app. It has a suggested daily intake due to your weight and activity. You can then program cup sizes that you normally drink. For example a grande at Starbucks is 470ml. All liquid counts but water is the most recommended.

There are achievements to unlock and constant reminders throughout the day to remind you take sips. They appear on my Apple Watch too, which can be a tiny bit aggressive. At least now I have no excuse not to drink more water! 

Make Walking Fun With Wokamon


If you want something other than Pok√©mon GO to help encourage you to walk, try out Wokamon. It’s an adorable monster collecting game that syncs with Health Kit, Fitbit or Jawbone on your iPhone and Android. You don’t need to have the app open like Pokemon, just go about your day.


I don’t even have to have my phone on me since I have the Apple Watch. I just click on the pink heart icon to sync my health data and watch my little dudes level up. So far I have 3 monsters but I will walk to collect them all!

You can also buy monsters accessories and planets that help gain more experience per step. Each monster has their own set of accessories.


There’s even a handy dandy chart to see how ¬†many steps were walked per day and the most active times.

I love this colourful app and it’s so cute I can’t resist walking and being the master of all the Wokamons.

Battling Sausages

Yesterday, I learned from Buzzfeed that there’s a game where you battle sausages, yes you heard that right¬†SAUSAGES. After learning about it’s existence, how could we¬†not¬†try it?

It was actually a lot more fun and weirdly strategic than we thought. It’s also strangely culturally inclusive. There’s sausages from all over the world including the Chinese lap cheung and ones I haven’t even heard of before. They even go at lengths to explain what the sausage is. Each one has special stats and advantages.

The game is weird but bound to be a laugh.



Get to Zero

Today marks one year since my cousin made Get to Zero, a free smartphone puzzle available for iOS, Android and starting today, Amazon.¬†It’s a very addictive game for those who like math, and easy games on the go.

Life on the A List

A few months ago as a social experiment (fine I sort of wanted to play it), I downloaded Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The beginning of the game was fast moving. There were tons of things to tap on. I worked in a clothing store, bought a house, bought furniture, dated boys and then Kim Kardashian started invited me to parties in different cities. After a few hours of play, it started to get a lot slower and my energy bar needed to be refilled. Obviously, I didn’t play to pay the game. But I wanted to know if it was possible to get on the A-list without spending money.

Energy refilled every few minutes. However, without premium money I couldn’t do things like make connections with people at bars or pursue a serious relationship. People didn’t seem to want to talk to you very much unless you had money. This resulted in the A-list being a bit harder to reach. Some fancy clothes also cost premium dollars. I decided to pursue the game wearing things that I would actually wear in real life. After a few weeks, I did make the A-list and quit shortly after.

I don’t know what lessons were to be gained from all this. Be yourself? Or probably, don’t waste money on pretend things in a superficial game.

Uber Cool Taxi Service

In the past, whenever I hailed a cab in Toronto, I would be constantly rejected for not going a far enough distance. For example, none would take me from Sound Academy (most inconvenient location ever) to Union Station. However, recently I decided to try the new Uber Taxi service and I think it may solve all my taxi problems.

The service operates with a smartphone app. It pinpoints your locations as well as how far away the closest cars are. Once you hit the big green button you get a text and a cab instantly heads to you and your phone keeps track of it’s location. They’ll call you once they are outside. The cars are black and sleek and makes me feel like I have a million dollars. There are two types of cars you can choose from; a normal black car and an SUV.

Another neat feature about Uber Taxi service is the payment is done through the app with a credit card. There is no worry about having cash at hand, and they don’t need to know how much you tip. The service fee (of $8) is a little bit more than the normal $4 you pay to get in regular cabs, but at the end of the ride you don’t have to add tip (and there’s no option to even if you wanted). There is a minimum charge of $15, but at least that means they will take you anywhere no matter the distance.

I love that Uber has considered business through an app. It’s innovated and smart, and I’ll definitely be riding them again! It’s still in testing in Toronto but the other cab companies can learn a thing or two from their business model.

I’m A Fruit Ninja Black Belt

When Fruit Ninja first came out, I thought it was pretty stupid. Then I got it on my iPhone and I liked how I could play quick games when I was waiting for the train.

If you don’t know, it’s a game where you simply slice the fruit that is popping up on the screen. Arcade and classic mode has bombs that either lower your score or kill you. Zen mode you just slice to a timer. It’s pretty simple. There are also bonus fruit that can be bought that raise your score.

The game would have probably been not as interesting if it weren’t for the Dojo. It is where the “unlockables” were listed. They were mainly for aesthetic values, such as different designs of blades and backgrounds but a goal is a goal and I finally unlocked them all.

Unless you care about raising your score, the game doesn’t really have too much replay value. So off in the vault of beaten games it goes.