New Pokémon iPhone Case

I tore my previous iPhone 7 Plus Gameboy Case. I took the opportunity to buy a new one on eBay. I always loved the Pokémon Gameboy Colour from the 90s and I thought that would be the perfect look.

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Got a new phone case ~ 😺#pikachu

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Magikarp Jump

I just downloaded the goofiest game on my phone called Magikarp Jump! As a Pokémon lover, I couldn’t resist something themed around the most useless Pokémon of all!

The game is pretty strange, the premise is to train Magikarps to jump higher and higher. It’s almost like a more adorable version of those fish collecting games, except really you are just collecting Magikarps.

Centennial Garden 

Today I went to Centennial Garden with my dad. However, I didn’t have a camera with me except the one in my pocket: my iPhone 7 Plus!

It isn’t as good as a DSLR but does the trick when you forget a camera! 

Dongle Life

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I love my B&O headphones, but with an iPhone 7 Plus, I need to use the dongle to be able to listen to music on my phone.

I tend to lose things so I ordered a few more third party ones from eBay for a few bucks. They came in all sorts of colours, so I found ones that were exactly the same colour as my phone.

While I really like the look of them, and they do for the most part work, I discovered that there is the slightest white noises whenever I use them versus using the real dongle. And as a slightly OCD person, it drives me nuts.

Maybe it’s these specific ones, but I think I’m going to stay away from third party ones for now. Think twice before you buy them because they might not work 100%!

Make Walking Fun With Wokamon


If you want something other than Pokémon GO to help encourage you to walk, try out Wokamon. It’s an adorable monster collecting game that syncs with Health Kit, Fitbit or Jawbone on your iPhone and Android. You don’t need to have the app open like Pokemon, just go about your day.


I don’t even have to have my phone on me since I have the Apple Watch. I just click on the pink heart icon to sync my health data and watch my little dudes level up. So far I have 3 monsters but I will walk to collect them all!

You can also buy monsters accessories and planets that help gain more experience per step. Each monster has their own set of accessories.


There’s even a handy dandy chart to see how  many steps were walked per day and the most active times.

I love this colourful app and it’s so cute I can’t resist walking and being the master of all the Wokamons.

iPhone 7 Plus Gameboy Case


I was carrying my iPhone 7 Plus around naked for a few days but my case finally arrived. eBay will forever be the best place to get the coolest cases for under $5.

Check this one out! It is a clear Gameboy case so it effectively uses the Rose Gold as the colour of the Gameboy!

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Yay phone case finally came #gameboy

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I think it fits me perfectly!

iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing


I retired my iPhone 5S this weekend in favour of the new iPhone 7 Plus. Why Apple again? Well the answer is simple, I have the rest of the ecosystem and the devices work magically together and it is personally what is best for me. 


I bought the Rose Gold 256gb phone. I broke my FIIO X1 mp3 player(which I loved) a few months ago by spilling a bottle of water on it and thought that I’d finally give into using my phone as an mp3 player. Plus, this thing is water resistant and it makes commuting less awkward without 10,000 different devices.


The phone comes with the lightning charger, and also the new wired lightning earphones.


It also comes with the controversial dongle that allows you to plug other wired headphones into the jack.


I love the colour and shape of the new phone. I’m still waiting on a case I ordered online to come so for the time being it’s naked. I’m less OCD about scratches than I used to be.

The camera is stellar and so is the battery (in comparison to older iPhones). The size is something that still takes adjusting to. Why are smartphones getting bigger?


Bonus: I bought these screen protectors on eBay that were like 3 for $7. Always buy your accessories online!

I’m currently addicted to downloading apps on the new phone. So much space means I can finally download all the music and programs I want.

I like my weather funny

I found that my Apple Weather wasn’t always accurate so I liked for something better and landed on Carrot Weather. 

Not only is it accurate but it gives you funny sentences every time you open it. There’s even notifications of impending rainfall that is going to happen within 30 minutes in your area.

Also you can send your friends the weather and confuse them with strange messages. 

An app for when you poop 

Did you know there is an app for chatting with people when you poop? It’s called Pooductive and I tried it when I was doing my business today.

It is mostly super awkward. People mostly ask you how your poop was and where you are from. Technology is really weird right?

Today I Forgot My Phone

Selfie after being reuinited with phone
Selfie after being reuinited with phone

As I rode the subway to work this morning I realized, I had left my phone at home. It was the worst. I had an uncomfortable empty feeling inside. I kept compulsively checking my pockets throughout the day.

Throughout the day I kept wondering if I was missing calls or important texts from friends and family. The world seemed so tweetable. Everywhere I looked I wanted to make funny commentary or post photos to my online friends. People with misspelled t-shirts, funny dogs, overheard conversations. The catch 22 is that I may not have even noticed those things normally if I was looking at my phone.

The one thing that bothered me the most is that when I was commuting, I had no concept of time. After having a phone, I was no longer wearing watches. I had places to go after work and almost leaned over to look at someone else’s phone to check the time. I thought someone would think I was crazy if I asked them for the time. I mean, who does that anymore right?

Mostly I didn’t know what to do with my hands a lot of the time. I forgot my book, gameboy and my mp3 player had also ran out of battery. At work, I was fine. I didn’t really need my phone and I might have even been more productive since I didn’t need to check it all the time. I did receive a package I really wanted to take a photo of. I ended up searching for “online webcams” (which I don’t recommend doing at work) so I could somehow use the webcam on my work computer. It’s amazing how convenient having a camera on your phone is.

Anyways, I learned that I will never forget my phone again. As nice as it is to be “sort of” unplugged. It creates more anxiety than it is worth for me.