2010 vs 2020 me

I don’t think I liked the person I was 10 years ago. I wasn’t very confident and found myself in a toxic relationship. I often searched for validation by doing stupid things or slightly oversharing on the internet. 2010 was a low point emotionally for me so it’s amazing to look back and see how far I’ve come.

In 10 years I experienced so many things. 10 years ago, I started my music blog, that I had decided to end this year. It brought me some invaluable experiences shooting bands in different cities and some of my greatest friendships but also realizing that I am not the same person I was when I started it had merit too.

I both met and married Nash. We moved together to the city and got full-time jobs related to our industry, something we couldn’t even fathom not too long ago. We went on lots of food adventures, even as far as Japan.

Our family got Teddy, and for the first time, I experienced the unconditional friendship of a dog. Then years later I got Bacon for myself and he vastly changed how I see and appreciate the world. He made me explore the corners of the city that I never would’ve seen and made me a much more active person (less online couch potato) than I was.

I don’t know what’s in store for the next 10 years but that’s okay, surprises are the best part of life. Happy New Year!

New Year Promises


This year instead of a list of concrete goals or resolutions, I decided to make a list of actions/promises instead. I think as a result of these, I’ll end up achieving all the things I want to be doing (art, reading, being social etc, finishing projects, taking risks).

1. Stop thinking about doing stuff and just do it. I often spend too much time wishing I was doing more drawing, writing or thinking about how I could improve so and so. I spent a lot of time thinking, time I could be spent taking action.

2. Spend more meaningful time online/offline. I want to be either fully connected or fully disconnected. That means when I’m online, I have a purpose for being there: blogging, tweeting, catching up on news, watching Netflix, not just spacing out in front of my computer for hours.

The same applies for being offline. I want to spend more time being in the moment, exploring hobbies, hanging out with friends and less time doing those things while still sitting in front of a glowing screen or on Facebook Chat/Twitter.

I want to spend less time being in limbo.

Unplugging was good for me

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Dim sum royalty

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Saturday, I hardly checked my phone. My friends made up a day called ASIA DAY where we went for dim sum, bought snacks, play mahjong/board games, had hot pot, went karaoking, all on the same day.

It was an activity jammed day with friends that I think all of us had needed. None of us really felt the need (or the want really) to be on our phones and it felt healthy and I feel much more clear-minded than I was before the weekend.

Plus, I got to try out a fancy dim sum place I’ve never been to. Food heals many wounds.

I Once Got Lost In Square One

This is not Square one haha. This is a photo with my back facing it.

It’s amazing how places change in your life time. I grew up in Mississauga and I saw the evolution of Square One. I always thought it was a giant mall, but now it’s like a fancy maze that would take you the whole day to walk through.

When I was 5, I got lost in Square one. I had just acquired a box of pink and purple nerds from a store that was kind of like Biway and was very distracted by reading it. I didn’t get cool candy a lot as a child so it was an exciting occasion.

I looked up from the box to realize that everyone was gone. I had just started school but I was smart enough to find the help desk and very incorrectly tell them my address because I told them I lived on some highway.

Anyway, eventually I found my parents because they made an intercom announcement about a lost child. I don’t know why but this memory still is very vivid in my mind. It was a scary experience back then but it must be insane to get lost in current state of the mall.

Do you have any funny stories about getting lost as a child?


These Are Not Cats

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Nice kitty.. Oh wait #toronto

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Sometimes when I walk home late at night, I see something scurry in front of me and think “oh how cute a kitty” but upon closer inspection it is almost always a raccoon. A few nights ago I saw two. In Toronto they are unafraid of humans, but are territorial.

I snapped these cuties from a distance with my phone. There was a bit of hissing being on so I had to be careful! What sort of animal neighbours do you have on your street?

Crazy Week

I have had the least sleep all week but I am having the best time at Canadian Music Week seeing bands I love. This year I have emphasized quality of quantity.

In my younger years I would venue hop half hour sets. It was tiring and not always worth the trip. This  year’s journeys make more sense logistically and I am appreciating what I see more.

I have also met some awesome people this week and experience moments that made everything I do worthwhile. I’ll write a longer post soon when I am back. 

I Love Autumn 

I love autumn, the temperature is perfect and nature is so beautiful! It is also time to relax after a relatively busy summer.

I have been focusing on spending more time with friends and myself. It’s time to recharge.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here are some photos of my Thanksgiving weekend! On Saturday I went to a wedding dinner.

DSCF5884This is my lovely sister.

DSCF5886Chocolate as wedding favours is always a win!

DSCF5887Matching gold cake!

DSCF5888Our first course for dinner was this roast pig with flashing disco eyes. I somehow was too busy eating (and talking to people) the rest of dinner that I forgot to take photos until dessert.


Here is dessert. Some cream puffs and other things I don’t know how to describe!

On Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving and I again cooked the family turkey! Here are some random photos of our dinner (and Teddy).





Video Round-Up: Cake Thing, Keurig K200, Camp Wavelength

It’s time for another video roundup!

First I make this weird cake thing:

Then I unboxed this Keurig K200:

And we went Camp Wavelength

A First Everything


I found this adorable journal at BMV for a discount price. It has many blog idea sparking questions that have to do with first times.


There’s everything from big life decisions to really random things like the first time you cheated in school. I’m looking forward to filling out this journal and seeing what kind of blog posts come out of it!