Today I don’t want to post any pretty pictures. Today I am not sure how to feel. I am Canadian but the results of last night’s election will affect more than America. It affects the world.

It sends a message to those that aren’t white and male that they are not safe.

It tells the daughters of the future that no matter how qualified you are for a job, a man will always be ahead because he is a man. It tells them that their bodies are never safe. As a feminist I feel the pain of this defeat.

It allows those with hatred in their hearts for those that are different from them to have a louder voice. It will split us apart. I have  friends and family in the states and Mexico and I fear for their safety. It feels like my heart has been stabbed.

Today I do not want to hear “nothing will happen it will be ok”. If you find yourself comfortable saying this please check your privelage. There are some that will have to fight for “nothing” to happen to ourselves, our friends, our family.

Please be considerate with the fact that even if you are not in America your friends, colleagues could be emotionally affected.

I have so many feelings at the moment that I don’t know how to describe. I am sad and angry but at the same time I feel nothing. I feel like a zombie just going about the day. 

I had to write something about today because I thought it would be wrong to write nothing. 

New Year New Sketchbooks


I want to encourage myself to do more fine art this year. I used to when I was younger and as I grew up my main excuse was that I had no time. I’m starting to realize that, that’s not a reasonable excuse. There’s always time to pursue the things you love, you just have to decide to actually do them.

I decided the best way to start drawing and painting more again was to buy myself some blank canvases, or new sketchbooks! That way I wouldn’t be self-consciously comparing myself to things I used to be able to do. I  headed to Michael’s and bought myself two different ones: one for dry media, and one for mixed.

For mixed media, I purchased the Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal. The 64 page softcover journal has acid free paper that is 100% cotton. It’s perfect for all sorts of media including watercolours. The cover also has this sleek smooth texture which I am in love with.

I also wanted a sketchbook for general doodling and dry materials. I chose the Artist’s Loft Fashion Journal in orange. At $20, it was well worth it for 110 pages. I also liked that it was a bright orange colour to separate it from the other book and give it a pop of colour when travelling with it. Since I moved to the city, I plan to take it around and find inspiration outside my house.

I love both these books and I hope to fill them with things this year and share them with all of you.

Finding the Time to Blog When You Have a Full-Time Job

Moleskine diary

For a while, I was just living the freelance life and underemployed. That meant hours were flexible and I had a lot of free time to do whatever I wanted when I was between projects. My blogs and sites were active and fruitful.

Recently, I have obtained work that is more time consuming and has unpredictable office hours. This made it more difficult to schedule time in advance to blog, because time seemed like a scarce luxury. Obviously since there are still posts churning out on all my content streams, I have found ways to adjust to this new transition. Here are some tips:

Find out what your internet policy is at work. This is an important first step if you want to blog at work (during downtimes/breaks of course). Some companies don’t allow you to use internet services outside of work purposes and you must abide by those rules. Personally, I don’t blog at work because I have way too many other things to be doing so the next few steps are more useful.

Schedule Content in Advance. To keep my music blog alive and active, I schedule a lot of content in advance. There’s always a period of time where I’m like OKAY LET’S SIT DOWN AND BLOG on weekends or evenings and I churn out a bunch of content and schedule them over the next few days. This works better for posts that aren’t particularly time sensitive.

Carry a notebook. I always have a notebook in the vicinity to brainstorm things I want to write about the moment they come up.

Find inspiration everywhere. This applies most when it’s a personal blog and therefore you can post whatever you want – food, photos, projects, inspiration, thoughts. The blog is about YOU after all. Life changes constantly, and there are tons of exciting and thought-provoking things to write about at every corner.

Take advantage of your Smartphone. By now, most people have a smartphone. Whether, it’s an Android or an iPhone, there is a wealth of apps that sync to the cloud. There’s even a WordPress app on both platforms. These can be great for long commutes. Personally, I use OneNote on my iPhone because it syncs with the version on my laptop. I draft a lot of posts while on the train. In fact, this one was partially written on a commute.

Don’t stop. The moment you stop actively blogging for a while, it becomes tough to start again as each day passes. It’s all about finding new ways to fit writing into a new schedule. Sometimes when you have a free half hour, you just have to make yourself sit down and write. It’s totally possible, you just have to stop giving yourself excuses and do it.


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Wreck This Journal #3

Here’s an update on my Wreck This Journal journey. For some reason I made a Tumblr of this and so far the responses have been good and I keep getting reblogged for some reason.

Wreck This Journal #1

I bought Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal almost 2 years ago with my best friend who also has one. We were supposed to trade when we were done. I found it again recently and wondered why I had not finished it. At first I thought that maybe I had no time, but the truth is.. I’m pretty OCD about notebooks. Despite the title of this journal, it actually hurt me a little at the thought of wrecking my notebooks. As you know, I LOVE to collect notebooks, many of which are empty and wrecking this one was like a nerd opening a mint condition collectible and stepping on it. However, I’ve set a new goal for myself.. I’m going to finish this thing by the end of this year. It will be an adventure, and I’ll blog about my progress.