Kinka Izakaya (North York) Tasting

I attended another Kinka Izakaya tasting, but this time at their North York location. Located at Yonge and Shepherd, it is tucked away behind a tall fancy condo. We were a bit confused and walked around the entire condo before we found it. It’s slightly smaller than the Bathurst location but expands to a patio when there is warmer weather. We started our night with some drinks. I had a Cherry Blossom consisting of red wine, cassis liqueur and sprite. My friend had a virgin ramune mojito.

DSCF6605The night’s menu had a few repeats of the previous location’s dishes, but they did spice it up for those who attended both. Our first dish was Takowasabi, marinated octopus with wasabi stem eaten with seaweed. The taste of this came as a surprise as you are hit with wasabi right away! At the same time, we couldn’t stop eating it but prepare for a bit of a mouth burn.

DSCF6606Next I was reunited again with the Kaisu and Tofu Salad.

DSCF6607 The Gyu Carpaccio was one of my favourites of the night and beautifully presented. It was a seared beef sashimi with ponzu, wasabi mayo and garlic chips. It was so delicate, fresh and flavourful.

DSCF6608Karaage is always welcome and my friend who didn’t come with me last time highly enjoyed it.

DSCF6610I had no problem eating the Gindara again. It’s melt in your mouth texture is to die for.

DSCF6611The night continued with Kakimayo baked oyster.

DSCF6612Tontoro grilled pork cheek filled our stomach. It had a side of yuzu pepper that could be used a dipping.

DSCF6613Our last savory dish was another favourite, the Salmon Ozisushi, a blowtorched sushi. This was a bit different than JaBistro’s version as it had plenty of ginger for flavour.

DSCF6614Dessert was a green tea creme brûlée very similar to the one at Yakitori Kintori (a sister restaurant).

We left the tasting with full and happy stomachs. Best of luck to all Kinka Izakaya locations!

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This meal was complimentary, but views are my own.

Kinka Izakaya Tasting (Bloor Street West)


After a franchise contract ended, all Guu Izakayas were renamed Kinka Izakaya, explained the owner after we sampled a delicious meal on Monday. A bunch of bloggers were invited to a tasting with a guest and I was lucky enough to be one of them!


We started our meal with drinks. I had the Cassis Peach Oolong: cassis liquer, peach liquer, oolong tea.


Nash had the Sake Highball: sake, whisky, cointeau, soda and orange.


Our first dish was the Gomaae: blanched spinach with sesame sauce. It was seasoned generously.


Maguro Tataki: seared BC tuna sashimi with ponzu and garlic chips. This was super fresh and one of my favourite dishes as the sides were perfectly seared to leave a soft pink middle.


The Seaweed & Tofu salad was a refreshing palate cleansing part of the meal.


Their Karaage was nicely fried, moist in the centre and served with a garlic mayo. I liked it more without the mayo personally as the batter had a soy sauce touch.


Kaki Mayo: Baked BC oyster with spinach & garlic mayo topped with cheese.


 Karubi: grilled miso marinated short ribs.


Gindara: grilled miso marinated black cod with yuzu miso sauce. This was my favourite dish. The fish was melt in your mouth and the skin was to die for!


Lastly (before dessert), in case I wasn’t already full (which I was) there was a Kinoko Bibimbap with rice, mushrooms, cheese and seaweed sauce.


Dessert was a piece of Sake Tirimisu. The alcohol was subtle but would sneak up on me! It worked will in a tirimisu.


Our delicious meal concluded with a gift bag, and they lived up to their logo of “serving people happiness”. Our night was full of fresh, delightful food and superior service.

This meal was complimentary but views are my own.
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