Burnout and Letting Your Days Guide You

For the past few years, before 2018, I blogged here almost every day. Then last year I got engaged and in November of 2017 we brought home Bacon.

The blog was left a bit neglected as I planned the wedding of my dreams.

And Bacon’s Instagram started to grow in ways I had never imagined.

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When you and your friends are always impeccably dressed

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I spend a lot less time recently and more offline at the dog park, hanging out with friends or family. I’ve been tweeting a lot less, though highly active on Bacon’s Instagram.

I felt less of the need to document life on the blog, and more to just live it. I’ll always love blogging, but I no longer feel the urge to do it every day. I started to burn out from doing that while trying to fill a day with activities and the result was the lack of recent posts. I felt the constant need to explain myself because of my self-imposed content creating goals which resulted in the lack of posts.

For now on, I’ll write when I am in the right mindset instead of just to fill the space.



Feeling the Autumn Anxiety

tweeting during better days

I don’t know if it’s like the drastically changing season here or something, but I’m feeling a bit down, like I need to hibernate for a while. Maybe I exhausted a lot of energy lately and it’s catching up to me.

Life’s not always peachy and I’m feeling a bit anxious about many things but I’m also excited (but starting to stress about all the things I need to do) about my future wedding. There are many days where I feel the genuine peaks of happiness but then an occasional wave of depression hits and I feel exhausted.

Whatever it is, this autumn anxiety is real and I want to acknowledge it. I know I have been a bit absent from this blog after I broke my streak, but I think those breaks were needed. I don’t necessarily owe anyone an explanation why I haven’t been blogging that much, but I want to continue to acknowledge my mental illness if it makes someone out there feel less alone. 7 years ago, I made a conscious effort to deal with GAD unmedicated and I don’t regret it but some days are hard.

My Sister Got Married on the Weekend!

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit because my sister just got married this weekend. Even though it wasn’t my own, there was still a lot of running around getting everything organized for her big day.

Nash and I caught garter and the bridal bouquet, so I guess we really are next.

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On brand 👏🏻#tianash

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Now that my sister is married, we can focus on planning our own. I’m so excited. I felt like I learned a lot from the weekend on all the things that still need to be done.

I can’t believe we’re all grown up now and I’m super excited for my little sister.

Broke my blogging streak

In January 2015, I started a blogging goal to post every day. I posted over 840 days in a row, but this week, I broke the streak. It was partially not by choice as internet on my East Coast vacation was sparse. It mostly required walking to a neighbourhood pizza place and looking like a weirdo on my computer at the beach if I was that desperate to post. It was hard at first, but I decided to break the streak.

What I discovered was a new calm. I didn’t feel the stress of needing to find content to post. I enjoyed every minute offline with friends in the beautiful scenery and taking small road trips. I have plenty of stuff to share and have a backlog of real posts (and not quick cop-out posts).

I know I previously didn’t want to break the streak, but I think quality is greater than quantity. I’ll still post as often as I have content, but getting rid of the need to fill every day with a post will be better for my mental sanity.

I’m currently sitting at the airport, but get ready for bunch of adventure posts in the next few days!

Out East with Friends

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Happy @sappyfest with the best crew

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I’m currently out east with friends. Sappy Fest just ended, but I’ll be heading to friend’s cottages and continuing the vacation out here for the next few days. I’m not sure what the internet situation is going to be like, but I’ll keep trying to do my daily posts!

Enjoying Nature

Yesterday I set up camp at River & Sky festival. This community festival is more like real camping than others I have been to.

I woke up a little eaten by bugs but it is an ok tradeoff for such a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. For the first real time last night, I looked up at the stars and saw galaxies full of them. I found the Big Dipper and appreciated all the natural bright lights in the sky.

In the city, the skies are frequently polluted with airplanes but here they were natures decorations.

There's not much cellphone signal here but I am okay with that!

Headed to River & Sky!

I’m going to be somewhat off the grid this weekend (or I don’t know what reception is like). I’m headed to River & Sky Festival which takes place in Field, Ontario (wherever that is). It’s around a 4 hour drive from Toronto, and we headed out bright and early at 6am.

Daily blogging but get a bit hard but I’ll see what my reception can handle! Otherwise, see you on the other side!

I’ll Miss The Silver Dollar

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We will miss you Silver Dollar #ripsilverdollar

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Last night was the last concert for a while at The Silver Dollar. It’ll be closing so that they can build condos in the area. It will re-open because it has a heritage designation, but because of the closures, the people that are involved will probably not be a part of it anymore.

Thank you for all the special memories:

– It was one of my first club venues before I was even old enough to go to it. I’d volunteer for NXNE (when it was still cool).

– I stood in awkward silence beside people who are now my friends.

– I fell in love with a lot of my favourite bands there.

– I held my first blog showcases there

– I shot my first concert photos there.

– I killed my first camera there.

The venue may come back, but it’ll never be the same. #RIPSilverDollar

It’s Ice Cream Season!

I eagerly awaited the seasonal opening of my local ice cream store and made my first visit of the year this weekend. Lansdowne Cone is one of my favourites and I’m happy to have it so close by.

If you’re lucky enough to have independent ice cream shops, support them!

We saw Get Out as an Interracial Couple

*Warning if you haven’t seen the movie yet, there may be spoilers but also why haven’t you seen the movie yet?

Last night, Nash and I went to see Get Out. As an interracial couple, I thought that it was interesting to see many other interracial couples in the audience.

After the movie was over I asked Nash if I’m just part of a grand ploy to get an Asian body for his grandmother’s brain.

It was a joke mainly because he’s also from an all white town and his parents live near the woods with the next house kind of far away. Of course it is perfectly fine and I have never felt unsafe. I was born in Canada, so often I forget that I’m not white. Plus, I figure 6 years and a diamond ring seems like a lot of effort for such a ploy.

I loved the movie. It was funny, but it also made me think about the micro-aggressions we all have (whether we admit it or not) towards people who are different from us. Just because I’m not white doesn’t mean that my own culture doesn’t have it’s own set of prejudices. In fact, there was even an Asian man in the weird town.

The most interesting part of the weird town in the movie was that I don’t think the people thought they were racist. They spoke in tones that were condescending, too positive, ways they would not talk to other people who were like them. “I would vote for Obama a third time,” does not equate to not being racist.

As an interracial couple, we had our own awkward times with the “meet the parents” scenario. In fact, he didn’t meet mine until two years into the relationship. He was the first dude I was ever brave enough to bring home, maybe because I was never really into Asian dudes. Nash became too important for me to care what my parents thought and they welcome him now too.