We saw Get Out as an Interracial Couple

*Warning if you haven’t seen the movie yet, there may be spoilers but also why haven’t you seen the movie yet?

Last night, Nash and I went to see Get Out. As an interracial couple, I thought that it was interesting to see many other interracial couples in the audience.

After the movie was over I asked Nash if I’m just part of a grand ploy to get an Asian body for his grandmother’s brain.

It was a joke mainly because he’s also from an all white town and his parents live near the woods with the next house kind of far away. Of course it is perfectly fine and I have never felt unsafe. I was born in Canada, so often I forget that I’m not white. Plus, I figure 6 years and a diamond ring seems like a lot of effort for such a ploy.

I loved the movie. It was funny, but it also made me think about the micro-aggressions we all have (whether we admit it or not) towards people who are different from us. Just because I’m not white doesn’t mean that my own culture doesn’t have it’s own set of prejudices. In fact, there was even an Asian man in the weird town.

The most interesting part of the weird town in the movie was that I don’t think the people thought they were racist. They spoke in tones that were condescending, too positive, ways they would not talk to other people who were like them. “I would vote for Obama a third time,” does not equate to not being racist.

As an interracial couple, we had our own awkward times with the “meet the parents” scenario. In fact, he didn’t meet mine until two years into the relationship. He was the first dude I was ever brave enough to bring home, maybe because I was never really into Asian dudes. Nash became too important for me to care what my parents thought and they welcome him now too.

Have you ever stabbed yourself in the eye?

Earlier this week, I somehow stabbed myself in my right eye with my thumbnail. It hurt a lot. I teared up involuntarily at my desk at work. I saw fuzziness for the first day. It was terrible.

I left work a little bit early because I didn’t want to look like I was bawling at my desk and people kept coming up to talk to me for some reason. The trip home was the worst!

I couldn’t keep my eye(s) open. It helped to doze off a bit so that the tearing would stop. I got off a few stops early to pick up some antibiotic eye drops so that it wouldn’t get infected. I probably looked like an idiot as I teared up mid-aisle staring at eye drops. There were too many to choose from and I only had one eye to read labels.

Eventually, I went home (which was also the day of my Miss Fresh package came and I still cooked a recipe and was magically fine while doing it). After that, I lay in bed and let my sore eye rest with a warm towel in my eye and some eye drops. More involuntary crying happened and I fell asleep early watching The Simpsons.

The next day. I took some Tylenol for the remaining pain and applied eyedrops to my swollen eye. I probably looked a bit strange but I still put on eyeliner to seem normal. I was more functional.

Today, I seriously just forgot about it. Sometimes pain is a combination of physical but psychological as well. I think it healed more today, but I can feel it more when I think about it vs when I’m so busy at work and school that I don’t have time to have a crazy eye!

Anyways, I don’t know what the moral of this story is but maybe I’ll read my own post and not poke myself in the eye again.

Do I look 29?


On one hand, I’m glad I can still look young (and not 29), but on the other hand, I know I’m growing up. People were super surprised I was engaged. I guess they never figured I was that old, or that I would grow up. I’ve started to think more in terms of wedding planning and finances.

However, I think I can continue having fun, no matter what age I am or where I am in life!

Coffee Lids

I don’t know why but every time I order a coffee and put on a lid, the coffee would explode everywhere. 

It doesn’t matter where it is. Maybe I walk weird or something.

I Turned 29 Today!

My week was already exciting enough, but I also turned 29 today! On both Facebook and Twitter, I asked people to send me dog and or Simpsons gifs instead of generic messages.

I had tons on Facebook! It made my day.

Now I will accept them here in the comments too if you have any!

I’m Engaged!

This was super unexpected and I’m still in slight shock but Nash put a ring on it! I also used this chance to test out Instagram’s new gallery feature.

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Ahhhhh this happened

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I’m super excited to spend the rest of my life with this dude. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Galentines Day 2017

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#Galentines 💝

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Valentine’s Day weekend is coming up. Nash and I don’t really celebrate because there’s always a music festival closely scheduled. As well, my birthday is in February and I could not give a crap about society’s expectations on what we are supposed to be doing on February 14th.

What I do love is Galentine’s Day, a day where girlfriends gather to exchange cute gifts, chocolates, share secrets and destress.

Thera Cane


My friend had a Thera Cane at their house and somehow a group of us sat around using it and slowly one by one my friends all started buying one. I knew my time would come and it did. I ordered one on Amazon.

It looks like a super ridiculous stick thing that you could probably plant tomatoes with but the knobs are great for deep pressure massaging. This helps get me through the day between massages, which I get once a month to ease my anxiety.


The Thera Cane comes with a book of helpful diagrams of positions and pressure points. Some are a little bit more advanced then others. I use it mostly on my shoulders because that tends to be where my body is the most tense.

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My new best friend lol #theracane

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Now that I’m getting older, I totally appreciate anything that helps take away aches and pains.

I’m Awkward

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Yay! #awkward

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I’m super awkward. I always grew up feeling a little bit weird and out of place. I was always the person who didn’t know when I could talk in a conversation without feeling like I was interrupting someone else. To this day, I suck at small talk that isn’t about the weather or what day of the week it is.

Awkwardness used to feel more like a crutch, but now I find it a fun quirk. I don’t feel like a cookie-cutter person and makes life a bit more exciting. Plus, I found a group of awkward people to be awkward together.

It’s Okay To Disconnect If You Need It

There’s so much going on in the world that I start to constantly feel guilt that I am not paying attention 24/7. Anxiety is feeding on more anxiety and I know that it’s not healthy.

Being connected has always been a part of my personal life and work, but now more than ever I am trying to convince myself that it’s ok if I need time off. To stop reading, if only for a few hours.

I’ve been more politically active online and offline (through donations), but it’s ok to take care of myself too. To force myself offline for a bit, I’ve committed to more activities with friends like Monday night trivia at the bar (no phones allowed) and Board Game nights. Breaks alone are important too (but easier to catch myself back on the computer).

Does anybody else feel like they must be glued to screens at all time or feel insane FOMO/guilt? I’m here to tell you you’re not alone.