Lobster @ Salty’s (Halifax)

When I was in Halifax for a day, I had to have seafood by the pier, so I stopped by Salty’s. The restaurant is a bit weird because it has a formal upstairs section with a different menu and a more casual downstairs. We opted for the lower floor because it didn’t break the bank (in comparison).

I had to start with fresh oysters. They were a bit more expensive than in New Brunswick, but totally worth it.

I had to get the basic boiled lobster with butter. For the price, it was smaller than the one at Paturel, but it was fresh and succulent.

I paired the food with a tasty caesar. I enjoyed my food but I think this place was a bit high-priced, but understandable since it was a touristy area.

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Lobster at Paturel’s Shore House

Shediac is the lobster capital of Canada, so I just had to know where was the best place to go! After some thorough research, we drove to Paturel’s Shore House.

I wanted my lobster fresh and dipped in butter. The waitress highly recommended it served cold instead of hot. I took her suggestion. Cold lobster comes off the shell super easily, so I didn’t have trouble getting the tasty globs of meat out. Even without the butter, it tasted like it was naturally salted by the sea. It was so good I sucked this thing bone dry (including the head!).

I also got half a dozen oysters which were reasonably priced at $12. These were smooth and like the lobster seasoned by the seas.

I couldn’t resist a caesar with my seafood. They did the classic drink justice.

I loved this place. All our food was delicious (we had a picky eater in our group that tried other non-lobster food). They had a lot of kitchy decorations but the overall feeling felt upscale and not entirely touristy. In fact, the people sitting the table beside us sold me beer at the liquor store a few hours before. You know this place is good when the locals go here too!

It was raining, otherwise we would’ve sat on the patio because this view was gorgeous:

This place is a must, if you’re looking to eat seafood in Shediac!

So.. I Tried the McLobster

I was spoiled with lobster last week at Rock Lobster, so I thought I’d give the McLobster a try for fun. At $6.95 it wouldn’t be too bad of a price if it happened to be sub-par, right?

Except it was pretty un-lobstery. All I could taste was celery, chives and salt. I could see lobster (sort of) but it was covered in a thick salad dressing. It reminded me of a saltier version of a crab meat salad. I do question if it has imitation crab meat, but I failed to find the ingredients listed online. I thought legally they were required to do so, just in case someone has allergies.

Anyways, I also found myself quite thirsty after the roll. I ate that thing at 6. It’s now midnight and I still want to drink my sink.

I think I’ll redeem lobster again by going back to Rock Lobster and having their rolls.

Lobster Everything at Rock Lobster

All ceasars need lobsters
All ceasars need lobsters

Last week before the El Catrin launch party (I didn’t think there would be so much food) I had dinner with my blogger friend, Melody at Rock Lobster on Queen West where Shanghai Cowgirl used to be.
lobsterThe Lobster Poutine ($13) had a lobster bisque gravy, fresh lobster and of course cheese curds and fries.

lobster2Melody had the Lobster Taco ($5). I assume it was delicious because she ordered a second serving.

lobster5We also shared these Bacon Wrapped Corn Dogs served with mustard and a sort of hot sauce. I can’t refuse bacon wrapped things. It wasn’t too heavy either.

By far my favourite thing was the Rock Lobster Ceasar ($12). I regularly hate ceasars but this one was perfectly seasoned and spiced. Oh and of course the fact there was a lobster tail in it, which I dipped in the drink for extra deliciousness.

I’m already thinking of going back just for the drink…

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Me and Nash went back to Rock Lobster and had these delicious scallops on the house! We originally ordered Devilled Eggs and I guess they ran out and forgot to tell us. So we were rewarded with these divine scallops instead. We didn’t even complain or anything. This is customer service at its finest.

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We got free scallops somehow

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