Fenty Unicorn Match Stix

The Fenty collection is irresistible. I can’t resist sparkly things so I had to grab one of the Match Stix.

The packaging is just so minimalistic. Eventually, when I have multiple, they will click together because they are magnetic.

I chose the Unicorn shade to get first because I love purple and always wanted a purple highlighter.

I love the iridescent glow. On certain angles it looks more purple than others, but it has such a lovely shimmer. I know this won’t be my last stick.


Shu Uemura x Super Mario

When Shu Uemura announced their Super Mario Bros collaboration, I literally screamed “TAKE ALL MY MONEY” at my computer. In reality, the individual pieces of the collection are on the pricey side, so I decided to limit myself to 2 items: Peach’s eye and cheek palette and a dual eyeliner. The order also came with free samples.

The packaging right down to the box is cute and has the classic pixelated characters and shiny patterns.

Inside were two sides, a pink and purple palette and a more warm orange and brown one. The blushes were imprinted with the classic stars, mushroom, flower, and block. It also came with a brush that really only seems suitable for the eyeshadows.

I love eyeliner so I couldn’t resist this dual stamp eyeliner. 

One side is a regular thin black eyeliner, and the other makes a star!

I tested both out with a simple look, using the pink side of the palette and finished it off with a star on top.

Both the shadow and the eyeliner are long-wearing. The eyeliner doesn’t smudge, so you can fool people into thinking you got a new star tattoo.

So far, I love these two pieces so much, I’m thinking of getting a few more pieces from the collection before it disappears!

Wet n Wild Rainbow Highlighter

I freaked when I found out this Wet n Wild Rainbow Highlighter in Unicorn Glow was back in stock again for Halloween. I found it in this special Halloween display at Shoppers Drugmart. It wasn’t with the regular Wet n’ Wild stuff. At $8, it’s one of

At $8, it’s one of the most affordable rainbow highlighters on the market.

In terms of pigment, I did light swipes for swatches and you can still see each individual pigment. They definitely have sparkle.

I’m a bit obsessed with highlighters at the moment and I am happy to add this one to my collection.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

I received Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Foundation for review from Glam Sense.

I was surprised they actually sent me the full-sized amount. I did a total guess on selecting a colour swatch, but I got lucky and the colour I chose did blend well into my skin, even though it seemed light at first.

I found the foundation itself confusingly watery on the first pump. I even gave it hundreds of shakes, but the consistency remained pretty much the same. I think it’s supposed to be thin and liquidy.

When I actually applied it to my face, it spread well and didn’t require too much to cover all the redness on the face. I also didn’t feel like I was wearing foundation at all. Perhaps the watery texture is what helps it feel so light. Due to the light nature, I think at most it is a medium coverage, so if your face has more than just minor imperfections, I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

Considering how little product I need for my whole face, the bottle will last me a while. I would consider purchasing again as it goes on light but lasted me all day while working an award show.

Fenty Trophy Wife Highlighter

Despite the hefty pricetag, I couldn’t resist the Fenty Beauty hype. The Trophy Wife Killawat highlighter is so beautiful and alluring.

The packaging is minimalistic but stands out with its rough edges.

What I like about the gold Trophy Wife highlighter is that it’s multi-purpose. It can go anywhere that needs sparkle, not just your cheeks.

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I love using it as eyeshadow. It brightens up my eyes. On my cheeks, it gives me a sparkly natural glow since my skin tone is already yellow. I like adding a little dab on my lips, to give it some dimension.

If you’re having a night on the town, it beautifully illuminates under the lights when you’re in a dimly lit place.

A little goes a long way, so even though it costs $34, it’ll last a long time and through many looks!

Tonymoly x Pokemon Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion

When I want light coverage lately, I’m loving my Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion. It goes on light to hide imperfections but makes it look like it is still my skin.

The packing is super cute. The cushion applicator is a Pokéball and the front is a smiling Pikachu.

The best products are both cute and functional!

Pokémon x Tonymoly Lip Tint

Lip tints are really big in Asian beauty at the moment. They give you the adorable look of eating a coloured popsicle with a slight gradient. The method is to put it toward the center of your lip and blend outward.

This Pikachu lip tint is my soulmate #tonymolypokemon #tonymoly #pokemon #cosmetics #makeup #selfie

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This Pokémon one opens up like a nail polish and applies smoothly and isn’t sticky. It also has a decent staying power compared with lip glosses.

It also has the bonus of having Pikachu on the packaging so scores high for me on all areas!

DR. G Red-Blemish Soothing Ampoule

I have a bit of redness on my cheeks and I am not sure what causes it. I’ve been trying to find a product that would minimize it and not just hide it like a BB cream would. I picked this Red Blemish Soothing Ampoule.

I’ve been using it like a serum after washing and toning. I don’t find that it helps my cheek redness that much but what it does do is make any blemishes or sudden acne disappear almost overnight. Maybe I got lost in translation. At least this works for something!


I’m always excited to qualify for Influenster trials! Most recently, I was sent a complimentary Mega Mutliplier Mascara from Revlon.

Since I’m Asian, I have thin and relatively short eyelashes, so I’m always up for trying new mascaras. This particular mascara has 360 degree tubes that extend lashes for volume and length. I don’t tend to curl my eyelashes (because I’m scared of pulling the few I have out) but this drugstore mascara did a great job of making it appear like I have natural lashes.

It isn’t extremely dramatic but it feels natural. Adding this to my daily rotation of mascaras.


I Wear Makeup For Me

I saw this article the other day and I thought it was hilarious:

I could relate to the joke article. People always like to tell me I look more beautiful without make-up. I’m fine with my face without makeup, but I also fuckin’ love makeup too.

I find it empowering because I can decide what I want to look like. I could be a goth one day, a sparkly pixie the next, or a grown up woman going to an adult party.

A lipstick can make you feel powerful. A vixen red, a cute pink, a daring brown. It’s not just the colour that does it, it’s the fact that I decided.

I love eyeshadows because it’s like painting my face. I could have rainbow lids, smokey eye, but I choose it.

Makeup to me isn’t about what anybody else tells me I look best in. It’s the power of the colour I want to feel at the moment.